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This exercise is part of the process of creating our guidance documents (vision, mission, and purpose), and is not cast in stone as official policy.


This is the result of Shannon Binns, James Cowan, Jan Steinman, and Carol Wagner working through Exercise #4, Non-negotiables, from Template:Ref, pages 49-50.

Must Haves

  • Permaculture
  • earth-centered
  • sustainable actions
  • egalitarian
  • consensus
  • organic
  • commitment to group process and growth as community
  • radical transparency
  • open door policy (elaborate?)
  • Template:Ref
  • sawdust toilets, humanure
  • fearless, yet careful
  • opportunities for all to support self and others in paths of NVC, compassion, and loving kindness
  • respect for others
  • responsibility and accountability
  • healing centre
  • physical and emotional health systems
  • efforts for complete (conflict) resolution
  • religious neutrality (no official or encouraged religion)
  • support for children and families
  • fair governance
  • south coast of British Columbia
  • recycling, composting, salvaging, and scavenging
  • fairness to animals
  • welcoming guests and family
  • goats and chickens
  • mindfulness
  • shared meals

Must Not Haves

  • tobacco habitual use
  • violence
  • illegal drugs (some debate)
  • long term debt
  • "high horse"
  • ego/arrogance
  • control/resistance
  • urban setting
  • blame/shame
  • defense oriented
  • survivalist
  • weapons
  • detached, non-clustered housing
  • strongly hierarchical
  • separation between clique or individuals
  • over capacity use of living and non-living resources
  • cows
  • horses

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