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This exercise is part of the process of creating our guidance documents (vision, mission, and purpose), and is not cast in stone as official policy.

Visioning Exercise #4, Non-negotiables

This is the result of Shannon Binns, James Cowan, Jan Steinman, and Carol Wagner working through Exercise #4, Non-negotiables, from Template:Ref, pages 49-50.

The following are in alphabetical order. The order does not reflect any priority or preference.

Must Haves

  • commitment to group process and growth as community
  • consensus
  • earth-centered
  • efforts for complete (conflict) resolution
  • egalitarian
  • fair governance
  • fairness to animals
  • fearless, yet careful
  • goats and chickens
  • healing centre
  • mindfulness
  • Template:Ref
  • open door policy (elaborate?)
  • opportunities for all to support self and others in paths of NVC, compassion, and loving kindness
  • organic
  • Permaculture
  • physical and emotional health systems
  • radical transparency
  • recycling, composting, salvaging, and scavenging
  • religious neutrality (no official or encouraged religion)
  • respect for others
  • responsibility and accountability
  • sawdust toilets, humanure
  • shared meals
  • south coast of British Columbia
  • support for children and families
  • sustainable actions
  • welcoming guests and family

Must Not Haves

  • blame/shame
  • control/resistance
  • cows
  • defense oriented
  • detached, non-clustered housing
  • ego/arrogance
  • high horse
  • horses
  • illegal drugs (some debate, support for private use)
  • long term debt
  • over capacity use of living and non-living resources
  • separation between clique or individuals
  • strongly hierarchical
  • survivalist
  • tobacco habitual use (medicinal, religious use okay)
  • urban setting
  • violence
  • weapons

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