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Carol Wagner, posting values in preparation for gathering into groups of related values.


Visioning Exercise #2, Group Values, Individual Values

1 January 2006: Shannon Binns, James Cowan, Jan Steinman, Carol Wagner.
2 January 2006: Colin Hamilton, Wendi Lopatecki, Natasha Sara.

The following is the result of visioning exercise #2, from Template:Christian03, page 49. We wrote our values on sticky notes, put them on a wall, grouped them into related categories, then placed coloured dots next to the most important categories and the most important values.

The intention of the voting is to provide some reletave priority between values, not to exclude values with no votes.

Values with no or equal votes are listed alphabetically. Votes are broken down as (M) members and (A) advisors.


<graphvizr> digraph a {

 node [URL="/wiki/\N"]
 label="Our values grouped into these categories."
 sustainability -> process
 sustainability -> spirituality
 spirituality -> equality
 sustainability -> education
 spirituality -> process [style="dotted"]

} </graphvizr> (6 votes: 3M, 3A)

  1. Sustainability in all its forms: food, energy, economy, society, politics, more (5 votes, 4M, 1A)
  2. Simplicity: everything should be kept as simple as possible (1 vote: 1A)

Process & Communications

(5 votes: 3M, 2A)

  1. Adherence to non-violence in all its forms, including to non-human animals (5 votes: 3M, 2A)
  2. Emphasis on empowering people, through personal responsibility and accountability, supported as needed by others. '(3 votes: 2M, 1A)
  3. Clear, written process and agreements for managing our interactions among ourselves and those outside, supported by appropriate tools that everyone agrees to use. '(2 votes: 1M, 1A)
  4. Communication & feedback: self-expression, consistent effort to improve & listen to others & self, acceptance, cooperation, prevention of conflict through behavior (1 vote: 1M)
  • Building trust
  • Compassionate truth-telling
  • Encouraging and empowering others
  • Freedom from debt
  • Open communication
  • Openness to understanding
  • Positive thinking, positive expression
  • Radical transparency
  • Respect for others
  • Supportive conflict resolution
  • Village feel, walking to/from houses, creating more chances of meeting and interacting with others.


(3 votes: 2M, 1A)

  1. Compassion & love: honoring others as self/family, gifting, heathy vibrations & willingness to change (2 votes: 2M)
  2. Inspirational creative (2 votes: 2A)
  3. Loving relationships (1 vote: 1M)
  4. Spiritual awareness & connectedness: acceptance of diversity, agreement-based practices, celebration & ritual on community/personal level that is non-religious, yet accepts many ways & paths (1 vote: 1A)
  • Caring about/for others
  • Giving love, good thoughts, hugs & positive feedback
  • monogamy & fidelity
  • nurturing, embracing


  1. Education: learner-centered, ecologically-based, living and non-living systems-based, child, teen & adult, groupwork (4 votes: 2M, 2A)
  • Attention to details
  • Sharing thoughts, ideas, and concerns
  • Teaching and guiding children
  • Teaching: goodwill to share information (personal, skill-based, other), willingness to be taught -- to say, "I don't know," to put efforts to learn unknown

Equality & Fairness

  1. Global impact/benefit (1 vote: 1A)
  • Dedication to equality, but respect for equity.
  • Diversity -- mix of ages and race, etc.
  • (Diversity) Honor and respect for diversity in all its forms.
  • Honesty
  • Respect for personal space
  • Understanding and fair treatment to animals

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