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Susie Anne left EcoReality in 2010. We wish her well in her return to the Yukon!

Update: April 30, 2009 Hi Everyone! As of this date I have been living on the land at EcoReality for exactly 4 months. My partner Morris Lamrock and our daughter Jessie moved down from the Yukon in the middle of winter arriving here to more than 2 feet of snow. After the Winter Retreat Morris returned to his work and to finish up details of our life in the north leaving Jessie and I here to settle in for 2.5 months. He has returned twice for two short 10-12 day stints before having to leave again so as of now he doesn't really live here yet. Jess and I, on the other hand have been very involved in almost every aspect of this place, growing close with the people, the animals and the land. We have we ever been through a lot already. Community living is definitely as much a growing up experience as learning to parent for me. I have had to hone my sense of integrity, my boundaries, my willingness to speak up. I can't slack on taking care of myself or I see the results almost immediately. Its not a place for coasting, although it can truly be restful at times. More soon. Oh yeah, I think I am supposed to put more in about my past and my skills. I will.

Sometime in late 2008 Hi All. My name is Susie Anne and I am a prospective member of EcoReality along with my partner, Morris Lamrock and our three-year old daughter, Jessie Hannah River Bartsch. We are currently living in the Yukon Territory where we have made our home for the last several years. I am a mother, theatre artist, marriage commissioner, Nia Technique instructor. Did I mention mother? Got to run! More later...

December 2009 We are members now since November. Lots to tell and lots to share and very glad about what we are doing. More when I can.....

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