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Here is a "straw man" coop rules for incorporating EcoReality. It originally came from Yarrow Ecovillage Society, heavily modified by Jan Steinman with the intent of forming a cooperative ecovillage at the Holly Farm on Saltspring Island, but that deal fell through, and those running the Isabella Point purchase preferred to hire an outside expert to do their coop incorporation.

This should be considered strictly a starting point! In particular, it is based upon an older version of The Cooperative Association Act, and if we want to pursue this ourselves (versus hiring an expert), then we should get the latest update of The Cooperative Association Act and bring this document into alignment with it.

This document also has some technical issues. I tried to make it take advantage of MediaWiki as much as possible, resulting in re-numbering of items that cause references to be wrong. References to specific rule numbers must be replaced with symbolic references to rule names, which I started to do in the first half or so.

I think this would be a fine thing for us to do, or we can instead choose to pay some outsider to fully understand our needs and do it for us. I think the work of bringing an outsider up to speed on our needs is easily as much work as simply doing the incorporation ourselves!

--Jan Steinman 20:14, 7 January 2006 (PST)

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