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NOTE: this is going to change someday to direct references to an underlying database.

  • To refer to a book, copy the keytag (including curly braces), and paste into any page to create a link to reference and purchase information for this book.
  • To add new references
    • edit the references page
    • copy/paste/modify an existing reference appropriately
    • save the page, then
    • click on the new red link and
    • put {{ISBN|number|title}} on the new page, where
      • number is the ISBN number, with no spaces or dashes and
      • title is the name of the book as it should appear when referenced.
      • Note: the whole thing goes inside two single quotes to make it italic.
    • Put three tilde characters (~~~) after an entry on the references if you have a copy you are willing to loan to other members.
A Pattern Language Although this was written before The Timeless Way of Building, it is really a sequel, providing concrete examples of the abstract platitudes of The Timeless Way of Building. A cook book approach, it supplies 253 fundamental patterns the authors have identified as universal invariants, along with means for assembling them into a living whole. Tying politics, sociology, and philosophy together with architecture and construction, this book details a grand tour of a utopian world. Jan Steinman
The Timeless Way of Building There is one timeless way of building. It is thousands of years old, and the same today as it has always been. It is so powerful, that with its help hundreds of people can create a town, which is alive and vibrant, peaceful and relaxed, a town as beautiful as any town in history. Jan Steinman
Creating a Life Together This book is devoted to the somewhat neglected topic of social, political, and legal issues, including the all-important topic of who should be in such a community. By stressing the problematic, this book makes a nice counterpoint to Ecovillage Living, below. Every potential villager should read this book -- especially the last chapter -- and ask themselves if they are really ready for this. Jan Steinman, Carol Wagner
Conflicts: a Better Way to Resolve Them a few word review here Jan Steinman
Voluntary Simplicity a few word review here
Permaculture: Principles & Pathways Beyond Sustainability a few word review here Jan Steinman
Ecovillage Living: Restoring the Earth and Her People This is a fun, upbeat, inspirational book, full of wonderful pictures, drawings, and diagrams. It makes you want to rush out and "just do it". But it's rosy outlook requires the balance of Creating a Life Together, above. Jan Steinman
The Humanure Handbook a few word review here Carol Wagner
Rebuilding Community in America, Housing for Ecological Living, Personal Empowerment, and the New Extended Family, a richly illustrated compendium of innovative home design, cooperative relationships, energy- and material-conserving lifestyles, and stronger mutual support. Jan Steinman
Nonviolent Communication: A Language of Life a few word review here Carol Wagner
Ecovillage at Ithaca a few word review here Jan Steinman

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