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Project ID: 107

Project steward

Jan Steinman


To spread the imperative of sustainability, we conduct educational events in Permaculture.


Provide lodging, meals, and instruction for one weekend of an eight-week Permaculture Design Certificate course, October 19-20.


  • Project completed and reconciled.

Goal or deliverable

A good time was had by all.

Timeline, schedule, or end date

  • Friday, 18 September
    • 19:35 fetch participants
    • 20:30 Welcome
  • Saturday, 19 September
    • 07:30 Breakfast (White House)
    • 08:30 Depart for Seven Ravens, Ecoforestry with Michael Nichols
      • Restoration forestry
      • Trees and tree crops
      • Forest gardens
      • Perennial foraging systems
      • Ecoforestry economics
    • 13:00 Lunch (Seven Ravens), return to EcoReality
    • 14:30 Sustainable Soil Management with Shannon
      • Soil types, classification, texture
      • Nutrient cycling and soil ecology
      • Soil assessment
      • Small and large scale soil preparation
    • 16:40 Appropriate Technologies with Jan
      • Energy fundamentals
      • Emergy
      • Biofuel
      • Efficiency
    • 18:00 Supper (Yellow House)
    • 19:15 Invisible Structures with Jan
      • Economy
      • Land access
      • Stewardship/Leadership
      • Governance
  • Sunday, 20 October
    • 07:30 Breakfast (Yellow House)
    • 08:30 Plants with Brandon Baurer
      • Guilds and perennial food systems
      • Exploring the riparian edge
      • Plant selection
    • 12:30 Lunch (White House)
    • 14:00 Hands-on
      • Gleaning hay (Jan)
      • Fruit processing and preserving (Brenden)
      • Sunchoke harvest and composting (Carol)
      • Haw harvest (James Richardson)
      • Bed prep and cover crop (Shannon)
    • 16:00 Free time, pack up
    • 17:15 Depart for ferry


See schedule.

Financial budget

  • Meal supplies: $90
  • Instruction: $300
  • Cooking: $165
  • Transportation: $120
  • Camping: $150
  • Misc: $31
  • Total budget: $856
  • No shares will be issued for work on this project.



See final accounting, below.

Net Profit/Loss

  • $193.65 net inflow to EcoReality.

Labor budget

Cash Outlay

5010000Education$662.352009-09-29 00:00:002009-10-16 00:00:00
1010011ISCU Chequing$856.002009-09-22 00:00:002009-09-22 00:00:00
1010011TOTAL:$1,518.352009-09-22 00:00:002009-10-16 00:00:00

Labour, by person

2Jan Steinman9.6100.0%

Labour, by activity

5Managing Information1.111.8%

Vehicle Use

"Vehicles" with no odometer, such as tractors or stationary equipment, are in tenths of an hour, rather than kilometres.

1Blue Jetta37 km
2Erica14 km
3Sunshine21 km
3TOTAL:72 km


Jan SteinmanSunshine2009-09-205 km$3.800EcoRealityPDCyes
Carol WagnerBlue Jetta2009-09-207 km$3.080EcoRealityPDC participants to ferryyes
Carol WagnerBlue Jetta2009-09-1916 km$7.040EcoRealitytake PDC participants to Seven Ravensyes
Carol WagnerBlue Jetta2009-09-196 km$2.640EcoRealitypick up PDC participants from Seven Ravensyes
Morris LamrockErica2009-09-1814 km$13.020EcoRealityPDCyes
Jan SteinmanSunshine2009-09-1816 km$12.160EcoRealityPDCyes
Carol WagnerBlue Jetta2009-09-188 km$3.520EcoRealitypick up PDC participantsyes

Final accounting

Meals, White House, Breakfast$15.00
Meals, Yellow House, Dinner$30.00
Meals, Yellow House, Breakfast$15.00
Meals, White House, Lunch$30.00
Instruction, Shannon$150.00
Instruction, Jan$150.00
Cooking, Susie Anne$82.50
Cooking, Carol$33.75
Cooking, Shannon$75.00
Cooking, Jan$11.25
Transportation, Jetta$6.3021
Transportation, Vanagon$6.7221
Transportation, Passat$9.1014
Transportation, Volvo$2.737$/km average of all vehicles on site
Driving, Jan$15.00
Driving, Carol$15.00
Driving, Brenden$10.00
Driving, Dennis$5.00

Participant feedback

Did you feel welcomed when you arrived? y/n How can we improve our welcoming of guests? What did you most appreciate about your visit at EcoReality? What you would like to see improved about the meeting/workshop? How would you suggest? Please explain any behaviour or structure that brought feelings of discomfort for you. Please explain any general suggestions about EcoReality that you have to offer.
Yes . I appreciate of you opening your homes and persons to accomadate us and offer mentorship and education." . . It's too bad they don't have much sun. I'd offer a question: "How might this lack of sunshine be dealth best with?" It would be exciting to see biodiesel production, and perhaps discuss what has gone-on to the site and where it might be going?"
Yes I think you did a great job. Thank you again for everything. The feeling of community and the willingness of everyone there to share their knowledge and wonderful meals with us and for making us feel at home. I really enjoyed the energy descent/peak oil seminar but felt it was really still in the conceptual phase. It would be great to be able to see some of these alternative energies in action or be involved in developing them or be engaged in a mini design activity like seeing how you prepaer biodiesel that is used for your car fuel. Same with the soils segment, I think it would help if we got to see different types of mulches and cover crops were, or perhaps documentation of various sites as they progressed would be very helpful and inspiring to future visitors, so they can see how you were able to transform various sections of your property. None I can think of. Keep participants updated on workstay and apprenticeship opportunities, or future happenings and progress.
Yes The generous hospitality of everyone and their great knowledge in such a variety of subjects. more hands-on. The outhouse was pretty full and had a distinct outhousey aroma to it.
Yes i don't think there's anything that need improving in this area at all. everyone had such knowledge on what they were talking about and everyone was so approachable and friendly. i don't think that they needed any improvement at all.
Yes I felt warmly welcomed, and I especially appreciated the hot beverages and kindness of being offered assistance in setting up my tent. "- The willingness of the hosts to share their dreams and hopes for the site, being welcomed within a familial atmosphere, as well as hosts' candid comments on their experiences thus far in creating an ecovillage. It was very touching to observe how much pride had been invested in the food that was prepared for us, and it was quite delicious. Being offered the opportunity to milk one of the goats was a unique privilege " - It would be nice to have access to the PowerPoint presentation that Jan used to describe alternative social structures - n/a "- The food and people were wonderful, and I especially loved the various additions that were available to add to the porridge (e.g. the pear preserve made from on-site fruit!). Honey is sometimes not considered vegan. The opportunity to assist, in a small way, with some of the farm chores was an excellent way to end the visit
Yes The various experiences; milking goats, adventuring over the property... "No ""dark"" lighting presentations just before bed :) Depending on knowledge base of who you are presenting to some easier language to start off with... Soils felt a bit over my head science. (beginning part) I got a bit confused when we broke out for the work party jobs... someone had said to keep to about 3-4 per group but to do what you felt called to, I signed up for one I wasn't particullary "called" to as to the other ones i liked were ""filled"" but then others after continued to go into those groups...
Yes The visit to the the Forest Farm. Eco Reality itself was interesting but not established. There was so much to learn from Mike Nicols and he probably doesn't write anything down. It would be good to have advanced copy of topics covered on that site, and a chance to recap the visit for questions and answers. . .

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