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Other product statistics:

Other statistics:

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Statistics for product #25, bean, green


EAN-13 barcode used for retail point-of-sale scanners.



Harvester by Year

0User, Undefined5.125.12kilograms
2Steinman, Jan0.554.004.55kilograms
3Rowe, Cleome0.231.170.600.550.6414.6817.87kilograms
4Wagner, Carol0.258.320.519.08kilograms
5Cowan, Shannon1.450.251.70kilograms
6Cowan, James0.050.05kilograms
148Bartsch, Susie Anne0.080.08kilograms
164Lamrock, Morris0.050.05kilograms
212Corno, Ben4.264.26kilograms
381Gammon, Micayla9.229.22kilograms
394Valleé, Steven7.217.21kilograms
431Re, Kate2.812.81kilograms
432Frisbie, Josh0.150.15kilograms
473Strong, Christopher1.501.50kilograms
482d'Apallonia, Sarah1.521.52kilograms
500Stephenson, Kate8.1110.8018.91kilograms
529Chisholm, Lauren0.050.05kilograms
539Rass, Lena2.832.83kilograms
542Esqueda, Fabiola1.341.34kilograms
TOTAL:Esqueda, Fabiola5.121.450.688.320.514.2616.664.133.629.2115.6518.6888.28kilograms

Harvester Value by Year

0User, Undefined$19.15$19.15wholesale16
2Steinman, Jan5
3Rowe, Cleome$2.97$15.44$7.92$7.30$8.45$193.78$235.86actual24
4Wagner, Carol$1.50$49.92$3.03$54.45retail20
5Cowan, Shannon$5.42$0.94$6.36wholesale2
6Cowan, James$0.17$0.17wholesale1
148Bartsch, Susie Anne$0.27$0.27wholesale2
164Lamrock, Morris$0.17$0.17wholesale1
212Corno, Ben$37.49$37.49retail2
381Gammon, Micayla$81.14$81.14retail1
394Valleé, Steven$63.45$63.45retail3
431Re, Kate$24.73$24.73retail2
432Frisbie, Josh$1.32$1.32retail1
473Strong, Christopher$19.81$19.81actual1
482d'Apallonia, Sarah$20.00$20.00actual2
500Stephenson, Kate$106.99$142.56$249.55actual11
529Chisholm, Lauren$0.59$0.59actual1
539Rass, Lena$37.36$37.36actual1
542Esqueda, Fabiola$17.62$17.62actual1
TOTAL:Esqueda, Fabiola$67.58$19.14$8.98$109.82$6.67$56.23$219.85$54.52$47.73$121.59$206.58$246.58$1,165.26actual97

First/Last by Year

YearFirstLastDayskgPer DayHarvestsPer Harvest
2007Aug 27Oct 1365.1200.142160.320
2008Oct 5Oct 511.4501.45011.450
2009Jul 29Oct 7710.6800.01070.097
2010Aug 29Oct 17508.3200.166170.489
2011Aug 9Aug 910.5050.50510.505
2012Aug 14Sep 4224.2600.19422.130
2014Aug 22Nov 37416.6550.22553.331
2015Jul 30Sep 17504.1300.08341.033
2016Jul 27Sep 23593.6160.06140.904
2017Aug 8Sep 22469.2110.20061.535
2018Jul 20Sep 34615.6500.340111.423
2020Jun 16Aug 196518.6800.287230.812


by Venue

farm gate$2.80$6.00$42.00$50.80
Tuesday market$2.00$0.85$11.50$40.00$20.00$74.35
Saturday market$1.00$15.50$12.50$48.00$45.50$58.00$180.50

by Venue, in kilograms

farm gate0.3600.4544.314
Tuesday market0.0001.0001.6503.0268.706
Saturday market1.0001.7640.9463.6363.44415.186

Seller by Year

Bourasseau, Ann-Sophie$2.55$2.55
Chisholm, Lauren$19.25$19.25
Co-op, EcoReality$19.15$5.45$2.26$45.12$3.71$146.57$36.35$35.24$293.85
Corno, Ben$51.00$51.00
Esqueda, Fabiola$6.48$6.48
Ingram, Brent$10.00$10.00
Klein, Philipp$5.39$5.39
Lipsky, Adam$2.00$2.00
Röttgers, Bruce$2.24$2.24
Röttgers, Christina$1.37$1.37
Rowe, Cleome$6.25$24.00$8.63$36.00$74.88
Schofield, Gary$0.60$0.60
Steinman, Jan$2.00$1.00$6.25$90.00$34.94$72.00$206.19
Stephenson, Kate$10.05$10.05
Wagner, Carol$2.80$0.85$3.65

Buyer by Year

Co-op, EcoReality$19.15$5.45$2.26$45.12$3.71$146.57$36.35$35.24$293.85
Community Services, SSI$66.00$66.00
Esqueda, Fabiola$6.00$6.00
Patrons, Market$2.00$1.85$27.00$12.50$48.00$85.50$78.00$254.85
User, Undefined$2.80$24.00$42.00$68.80

by Market-Week


Information about product #25, Phaseolus vulgaris (dg fo pf wp) , bean, green

  • Income from this product qualifies for determining property tax farm status.
  • This is a raw agricultural product.
SuperUnitsProfit CentreDescriptionHabitatPropagationHazardsNotes
beankilogramsMarket GardenIdeal pH: 6.0-6.5. Well drained, warm soil in full sun is best. Use 1 cup of complete organic fertilizer for every wm (10') of row. Too much nitrogen fertilizer is often the cause of poor pod set and delayed maturity. If beans flower but do not set pods, the cause can be zinc deficiency. Try spraying the plants with kelp based fertilizer. Wet leaves on crowded plants are subject to diseases. Thin plants to increase air circulation and avoid touching the leaves while they are wet. Because pole beans are always climbing, there are always beans at different stages of maturity. It is important to keep picking regularly so the plant does not fully mature seeds and stop producing new pods. If pods get fat with seed, the plant will stop flowering. The smaller the bean, the more tender they are.Direct sow from mid-May to the beginning of July. Try to plant during a warm, dry spell. Soil must be warm - if it is not warm enough, seeds will rot, especially our untreated seeds. Optimal soil temperature: 21-32°C (70-90°F).

Seeds can be started indoors, or sowed directly. Set seeds 7-10cm (3-4") apart and 3.5cm (1½") deep at the base of a support. Plants will climb by twining around almost anything. Try rough poles, lumber, re-bar, or build a strong trellis 2-2.5m (6-8') tall. Seeds will sprout in 8-16 days, depending on soil conditions.

In optimal conditions a tleast 75% of seeds should germinate. Usual seed life: 3 years. Per 100' row: 400 seeds. Per acre: 43.5M seeds.
Blue Lake beans are straight, stringless and unusually smooth, with a stronger flavour than the bush variety. Its large numbers of dark green pods are round, tender and meaty, and 15-18cm (6-7") long. Seeds are white and plants are long bearing.

Many people feel that pole beans have a richer bean flavour than bush beans. The effort of trellising them is more than repaid by the ease of picking and their extended, abundant harvest. Pole beans are a good choice for small gardens because they use vertical space.

If beans flower but do not set pods, the cause can be a zinc deficiency. Try spraying the plants with Kelpman. Wet leaves on crowded plants are subject to diseases. Thin plants to increase air circulation and try not to touch the plants while they are wet.

Plantings: First/Last by Year

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