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Members Meeting

  1. Meeting begins 16:38
  2. Check-in: Cleome: ok, Kate: glad to not be cooking evenings, Jan: tired after driving around all day.
  3. Previous meeting minutes (July 2) approved.
  4. Accomplishments
    1. Market excess goats (Jan). All this year's bucklings delivered and promises fulfilled. DONE!
      • Elastrate and de-horn Lefty's bucklings for buyer on or after Sunday, July 8. (Jan) DONE!
      • Elastrate and deliver Whitey's bucklings on or after Sunday, July 8. (Jan) DONE!
    2. Duck and chicken eggs hatched and incubator cleaned up. DONE!
    3. Need to order replacement 3/8" eye bolts for greenhouse. (Jan) DONE!
    4. Re-fill propane tanks. (Jan) DONE!
    5. Go to Duncan for more organic icing sugar. (Jan) DONE!
  5. Market
    1. Coverage:
      • Jan, Leonard, and Lauren for Tuesday, with Cleome assisting on setup. L&L will do most of the work, with Jan supervising and advising.
      • Leonard, Lauren and Kate for Saturday. Kate will be our FoodSafe person, in charge of all food handling, including cake serving and milk filtering.
    2. Research and procure re-coating market tent. (Jan)
    3. Planning for marketing soap at Tuesday Market, since they won't let us sell it outright. Make a sign. Photos taken and ready. (Jan)
  6. Eggs
    • Nothing of note this week.
  7. Fruit
    1. Headers for irrigation installed. Need to find and install emitters and program the timer. (Jan)
  8. Greenhouse
    1. Need replacement eye bolts installed. Will start out doing as-needed, with a push to replace many or all before winter. (Jan)
    2. Fix North purlin in East room. (Jan)
    3. Patch holes. (Cleome, Jan)
    4. Need second fan installed in west end of greenhouse before powdery mildew season in fall. (Jan)
    5. Need to gather and infuse horsetail for powdery mildew treatment. (Jan)
    6. Fabricate side retaining cord clips out of the found wiggle-wire. We need as many as a third replaced (96), due to the stress of using them to support eagle-catchers over the chicken runs. (Jan) started, but interrupted.
  9. Dairy
    1. Running out of cheese storage. Need to clean up and move one from farm store to the sewing room, next to the fridge already there. (Jan)
    2. Fix west hedgerow fence — it's not hot. (Cleome, Jan, Leonard, Lauren)
    3. Check hooves and trim (Jan) ongoing, Whitey trimmed. Commit to one day a week to trim.
    4. Clean goat trailer: can wait until fall, but we should get it out of there before they start on hay, because it's better quality and easier to move without the hay in it.
  10. Infrastructure & Admin
    1. Prepare mortgage renewal documents: Jan working on financials. Will complete before leaving on Thursday.
    2. Need co-op VISA card that can be used at US Costco.
    3. Cleome will provide a written request for draw on her revolving loan for US Costco purchases until then.
    4. Pither suit:
      • requested to go in camera at 16:54
      • completed in camera meeting at 16:57; reviewed progress and agreed to proceed with current efforts.
    5. Put new wheel on NE pasture gate. (Jan)
    6. Get new rubber stamp for product bags and such (Jan)
    7. Catch up on tax filings (Jan): sorting receipts in prep for entry
    8. Get new computer set up as web server (Jan) ongoing
  11. Education
    1. Met with Chantel Staines, the new Homestay Network Relationship Manager, on Friday. She is really enthusiastic, and thinks we won't have a problem getting second semester students. Bruce Röttgers from Germany and Ricardo Watanabe from Brazil arriving in September. Exact dates unknown.
  12. Cleome's move: will keep on agenda, but deferred until after market season. Probably co-incident with planned Aug 18 trip to US.
    1. Fix VVG (Jan)
      • Remove pump and send it in
      • Pick a date, based on VVG running
      • Get a WWOOFer to help Kate while J&C are gone a minimum of three days
  13. Off-Island Shopping:
    1. Need to deliver VVG pump to repair place.
    2. US Costco in next week.
  14. Comings and Goings
    1. Jan and Cleome going to Pasco on Thursday, 11:50 or 13:50 ferry, back on Sunday on 15:35 ferry
    2. Philipp and Lena here on 17th.
    3. Leonard leaving on 19th.
  15. Health and safety concerns: none noted.
  16. New business
    1. Take out big dead maple at end of paddocks next week, tentatively, Monday.
  17. Next meeting set for Monday, 16th, at 16:00.
  18. Check-out: Jan: good meeting, Kate: timely, too, Cleome: fine.
  19. Meeting adjourned 17:27
  • respectfully submitted, Jan Steinman 17:58, 9 July 2018 (PDT)

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