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Members' Meeting

  1. Meeting begins 08:30
  2. Previous meeting minutes approved.
  3. Accomplishments
    1. Make individual signs for starts. (Cleome) DONE!
    2. Fix tent holes. (Jan, Xavier) DONE! But we have numerous tiny leaks that indicate some sort of re-coat is needed.
    3. Fix orange sprayer. (Jan) DONE! (Actually, conversion of a stainless fire extinguisher into a maintainable sprayer, not plastic crap)
    4. Investigate and repair leaky East water station. (Jan) DONE!
    5. Procure a number of little fans for the tables. (Jan) DONE! on order
    6. Work west side beds (Xavier) DONE!
    7. Chicks next Wednesday! DONE! 20 hatchlings brooding in living room until it is warm enough outside
    8. Finish fixing potholes in driveway. (Jan) DONE! needs a bit more shovel work
    9. Pither suit: reviewing our response, which will be filed next week. (Jan) DONE! everything the lawyer asked for is delivered, will ping her
    10. Need police report for Xavier. (Xavier) DONE!
    11. 22 April Soap Workshop:
      • Need sign for Saturday Market (Cleome) DONE!
      • Put small receipt book in market kit for signups and other receiptable sales (Jan) DONE!
      • Begin publicity (Jan). DONE! have three interested parties, but no deposits yet.
    12. Prune orchard (Cleome) DONE!
  4. Market
    1. Research and procure re-coating market tent. (Jan)
    2. Planning for marketing soap at Tuesday Market, since they won't let us sell it outright. Make a sign (Jan)
    3. Tuesday Market hasn't acknowledged our application. Ping them (Jan)
    4. First Tuesday Market is May 1.
  5. Fruit
    1. Need to re-attach some tree labels that were attached to pruned branches (Kate)
    2. Prep buckets for watering trees. Make a hole for standard flag emitter (Cleome, Kate)
  6. Greenhouse
    1. See about buying Dillon's grow light (Cleome) contacted, checking with his mom.
    2. Need replacement eye bolts for base of sides. (Jan)
    3. Procure replacement water manifold. (Jan)
    4. Fix North purlin in East room. (Jan)
    5. Procure or repair cranks for West roll-up. (Jan)
      • Replacement pawls have been rough-cut; need some quality time with the grinder, then re-assemble.
    6. Patch holes. (Cleome, Jan)
    7. Re-stretch skin. (all)
      • Discussion: is this really necessary? Will watch carefully for luffing in high wind. (all)
    8. Potting up (ongoing, all)
    9. Ventilation a continuing challenge:
      • Finish fixing east end cranks. (Jan)
      • Separate the prop room roll-ups so the east room can be opened independently. (Jan)
      • Install gable fans from UVic greenhouse in either side of the prop room, so plenty of cool air can be drawn in from nooks and crannies, without rolling sides up. (Jan)
    10. Need tough bird netting on north side; chickens are getting through the wimpy netting that is there. (Cleome)
    11. Need more wiggle-wire to use to fabricate side retaining cord clips as they pop out or wear out. (Jan)
    12. Ongoing need for hose sprayers that wear out or grow legs. Look for good quantity price. (Cleome, Jan)
    13. Need irrigation instruction signs to keep from breaking valves. (Jan)
  7. Dairy
    1. Fix west hedgerow fence — it's not hot. (Cleome, Jan)
    2. Market excess goats (Jan): ongoing, queries, email, photos sent
    3. Check hooves and trim (Jan) ongoing, Taara and Sazmazz trimmed. Commit to one day a week to trim.
    4. Clean goat trailer (Kate, Sergio): about 3/4ths done
    5. Priority to removing big pile off of deck, as there's no place to shovel. (Xavier)
    6. Cut all but a few spares of 10' T-posts in half (Jan)
  8. Value-added
    1. Need more forks, probably enough for one or two markets left. (Jan)
    2. Investigate new jars (Cleome)
  9. Eggs
    1. Call Sharon about goose/duck eggs. (Jan)
    2. Need three dozen Indian Runner hatching eggs. (Jan)
  10. Infrastructure
    1. Hang EcoReality sign:
      • Measure, plumb, and hammer in rebar that will slip into hole in centre of each post. (Jan)
      • Dig around rebar a bit deeper than the bucket forms. (Xavier)
      • Bore bottom of posts to fit rebar. (Jan)
      • Fit buckets around rebar and fill with concrete. (Jan, Xavier)
      • Paint lintel, attach screw eyes, and attach to posts. (Jan)
    2. Put new wheel on NE pasture gate. (Jan)
    3. Market old wheels again. (Jan)
    4. Pither suit: ping lawyer. (Jan)
    5. Get new rubber stamp for product bags and such (Jan)
    6. Move house compost bins (all)
    7. Catch up on tax filings (Jan): sorting receipts in prep for entry
    8. Get new computer set up as web server (Jan) ongoing
    9. Re-purpose old database server as Cleome's personal computer (Jan)
  11. Soap
    1. Pick up NaOH in Victoria (Jan)
  12. Education
    1. Prepare syllabus and student info sheet for soap class. (Cleome)
  13. Cleome's move
    1. Fix VVG (Jan)
      • Find someone who will rebuild pump
      • Remove pump and send it in
      • Pick a date, based on VVG running
      • Get a WWOOFer to help Kate while J&C are gone a minimum of three days
  14. Off-Island Shopping:
    1. Victoria: pick up NaOH from Acme, forks at Warehouse Club, hose sprayers at Costco or Harbor Freight
  15. Comings and Goings
    • Basketball boys: Travis on Mondays, probably no others.
  16. Meeting adjourned 10:12
  • respectfully submitted, Jan Steinman 14:53, 12 April 2018 (PDT)

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