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For guidelines on the editing of minutes, please see the page on the responsibilities of the recorder.

  1. Meeting starts 09:00
  2. Check-in
  3. Agenda approved.
  4. Minutes of past meeting, 8 May 2013, reviewed and approved with one minor change.
  5. Old business:
    1. Matters arising from minutes: nothing noted
    2. Project updates:
      1. Upcoming classes and events: nothing noted.
      2. Recruiting:
        • Series of follow-up emails started.
        • Fai & Gerald left a nice pair of boots behind. Jan will notify, Jen will take them off the porch and put a note on them, so they don't get appropriated.
        • Rudy declined an Action Group packet.
      3. EcoNest cottage: no change.
    3. Health and safety concerns and updates:
      • We are in receipt of a letter from WorkSafe BC about the death of a farm worker from an unstable load. Jan will circulate.
      • Tony: be careful when backing the tractor around the swales! Suggests a few stakes be placed to help locate the swale edge until the high grass alongside can be cut.
      • Tony: concerned about children around working equipment.
        • Children should not be within five metres of any operating machine.
        • Children should not play on non-operating machines.
        • Hydraulics should be relaxed when not in use, so children won't get under them.
      • Rudy took scrap metal in so it is no longer a hazard.
  6. New business: nothing noted.
  7. Review arrivals/departures, guests and apprentices:
    • Mark arriving May 18.
    • Tony gone May 25 through July 11
    • Will arrives June 1.
    • Cleome arriving June 14, may be here Memorial Day Weekend (May 25-27).
    • Cleome gone July 6-22.
  8. Farm meeting:
    • Old items to track:
      1. Jan and others: re-arrange the greenhouse tables in preparation for massive numbers of starts -- in progress.
      2. Tent caterpillars: Jan removed from all but one willow along front. Need to debug remaining heavy infestation in one willow, plus big apple tree. DONE
      3. Rudy has finished grass removal around greenhouse -- now need to load it with gravel.
        • Discussion about purpose and completion: is it about drainage, or grass control? If drainage, needs to be deeper. If grass control, it will grow through the grass. Hold put on purchasing gravel.
      4. Jan/Jen: begin making horsetail/nettle tea to keep powdery mildew and other fungus down.
      5. Rudy/Jen/India/Brooklyn will begin weeding the two strawberry beds, and will capture nice looking babies for sale in pots.
      6. Prep area for potato cages. DONE
      7. Tony/Jen/Jan will work up a couple beds in the west garden by hand and plant potatoes in them. DONE in cages.
      8. India/Brooklyn: de-taping cardboard for sheet mulching.
      9. Jen will investigate making some nice goat name tags for their collars.
      10. Jan teach Jen on soil block mix. DONE
      11. Fix big rototiller -- won't run for more than a minutes or so; investigate fuel blockage.
      12. Jan train and check out Tony on machinery. DONE
      13. Jan investigate spiders in soil blocks. Discussion about what they might be. Jen will show Rudy.
      14. Jen/Jan investigate using small greenhouse as a food dehydrator.
      15. Complete irrigation plumbing in greenhouse after locating and levelling tables. In process as tables are positioned and levelled.
      16. Work first set of beds for direct seeding. DONE
      17. Direct seed: carrots, lettuce, beets.
      18. Tony orientation on tools. DONE
      19. Boost priority of fixing Vanagon.
    • New items:
      1. Goat high-tension fencing.
      2. Finish scything east and west rooms in greenhouse.
      3. Rototill east and west rooms in greenhouse.
      4. Chipping -- Jan check mill for cedar bark for prop room floor.
      5. Cane berries, weeding and drainage.
    • Work party Friday, pot luck Friday evening.
  9. Plans for the week: (covered above)
  10. Confirmed next meeting: Next residents' meeting: Jan facilitator, Tuesday, 21 May 2013, 09:00. 'NOTE new day and time!
  • Meeting adjourned, 09:46.
  • Respectfully submitted, Jan Steinman 04:48, 15 May 2013 (CEST)

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