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For guidelines on the editing of minutes, please see the page on the responsibilities of the recorder.

  1. Meeting starts 11:00
  2. Check-in: free-ranging conversation about the co-op's challenges. Carol recovering from flu.
  3. Agenda approved.
  4. Minutes of previous two meetings, 2 January 2013 and 9 January 2013, reviewed and approved.
  5. Old business:
    1. Matters arising from minutes: Jan has been closing out books for 2012, still no 2013 budget.
    2. Review to do list: has been recently updated with completed items removed.
    3. Review calendar: not done
    4. Project updates:
      1. Community farm store: no change
      2. Upcoming classes and events:
        • We have been asked to present a humanure workshop at the next Transition Salt Spring meeting. This would use the classroom for a lunch potluck, followed by a tour of our modest humanure system and the greenhouse fertigation system, possibly with a hands-on, like building a compost bin from pallets. Possibly provide hand-outs. By donation, $10 suggested. Jan would co-ordinate.
        • AGREED: to do a humanure workshop on Sunday, 24 Februrary 2013 in association with Transition Salt Spring.
      3. Recruiting (Jan)
        • There are currently numerous parties interested in investing in EcoReality, in different stages. Will probably not be resolved by the spring real-estate season. Jan asked to see if we could organize things to go one more year before going to market; will seek approval of affected parties. With the agreement of January 2nd in place, we could choose to go through the necessary shareholder resolution at any time. Jan will craft a formal request after talking to CCEC this week.
      4. Emergency power (Jan): no change
      5. Yellow house suite (Jan): no change
      6. Water system (Jan): no change
    5. Health and safety concerns and updates: none noted
  6. New business:
    1. Request to approve a voluntary redemption rate limit of Class A shares owned by Jan Steinman and Carol Wagner to no more than 500 per month per shareholder. This will not apply to share transfer nor to liquidation of all Class A shares.
      • AGREED: Per written agreement, Jan Steinman and Carol Wagner agree to ask for redemption of no more than 500 of their Class A shares per month, until revoked. This agreement does not apply to board-approved share transfers to other parties, nor does it apply to liquidation of all Class A shares.
    2. Need to prepare for a big garage sale, Rudy will coordinate.
    3. Hiring a farm manager: Carol objected to proposed rate of profit-sharing.
  7. Review arrivals/departures, guests and apprentices: none noted
  8. Farm meeting:
    • Need to process pumpkins, pears, and apples before they spoil.
  9. Plans for the week:
  10. Confirmed next meeting: Next residents' meeting: Jan facilitator, Wednesday, 30 January 2013, 11:00.
  • Meeting adjourned, 12:19.
  • Respectfully submitted, Jan Steinman 22:37, 23 January 2013 (CET)

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