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  1. Meeting starts 09:13
  2. Check-in
  3. Agenda approved.
  4. Minutes of previous meeting, 2012-09-26, reviewed and approved.
  5. Old business:
    1. ACTION: [x] Prepare east garden for cover cropping and goats. (Ben Corno)
    • Calendar reviewed:
    • Project updates:
      1. Farm stay hostel: although removed from standing agenda items, Ben is in touch with the person who used to run the Cusheon Lake Hostel, who might be a good resource for information and materials, like bunk-beds, etc.
      2. Upcoming classes and events: We have a "TBD" for Sunday, 25 November. Ben will check with Jen to see if she would like to offer a Reiki class then. Jan notes this must happen soon if we're going to promote it.
      3. Recruiting: no changes
      4. Goat shed II: milk production sharply down, foliage is low, priority boosted so we can start feeding hay.
      5. Commercial propagation greenhouse: no changes.
      6. Emergency power: no changes. Time to order materials, notably the 150' of #10x3 rubber cable.
      7. Yellow house suite: some stuff moved out in prep for demolition. Jan needs help getting large stereo system out and over to classroom.
      8. Water system maintenance:
        • Camlock connectors to be welded this week - delayed.
  6. Health & safety: no changes.
  7. New business:
    1. Reminder: please get time sheets in as soon after the end of the month as possible!
    2. Meter readings for white house and out buildings. Electric use for both is sharply up: nearly double.
    3. Well water safety issues?
      • Coliform count is 66. Public health recommends 10 or under. However, "coliform" is not necessarily bad. Our e-coli count was zero.
      • It is best to boil the water if you have concerns, especially if you have a compromised immune system.
      • Algae growth: water testing does not test for algae, which is generally considered harmless. If left to sit in jar, it will turn green, then black. This is more of an aesthetic issue.
    4. Review upcoming volunteers:
      • Only Emma coming on Friday. Judy staying in Taiwan with ill husband.
  8. Arrivals/Departures:
      • Ben away 15-19 October. Look at Saturday 13th market coverage, as Ben may want to leave that day.
  9. Farm meeting
    1. Firewood on Friday work party.
      • ACTION: [x] Ask Gavin if he has any wood we can have from his back lot. (Jan Steinman)
    2. Need to pick three early bartlett pear trees for juicing. Jan has made about 30 litres already. Harry's press needs to be returned in the next few days.
    3. Prepare to have goats in the East Field.
      • Clear the packing shed and/or make it inaccessible. (Ben)
      • Move packing shed.
      • Relocate large gate.
        • Make materials list (Jan).
        • Install person gate where large gate is currently. Needs a post and brace.
      • Fence off Rudy's winter garden. (Rudy)
      • Harvest anything we want to keep. (Ben)
        • Quinoa heads to Carol, who will process - this Friday. (Carol)
      • Find some "goat toys" via online lists or Rudy salvage.
      • Let's do it next Wednesday or Thursday!
    4. Markets:
      • Saturday - Ben & Jan.
      • Tuesday - Ben.
    5. Need to investigate cover cropping. Inventory our seeds and determine what to buy. Purchase from Integrity next time we get goat feed in a couple weeks.
  10. Plans for next week:
    • Ben: work on winter prepping East Field.
    • Jan: pull tank on Vanagon and clean.
    • Jan: siphon starter early next week.
    • Jan: assess Red Jetta for roadworthiness.
    • Rudy: seek goat toys for East Field (especially large spools).
    • Carol: make jelly - ongoing.
    • Carol: pickles from the many that we aren't going to sell.
  11. Confirmed next meeting: Next residents' meeting: Wednesday, Jan facilitator10 October 2012, 09:00.
  • Meeting adjourned, 10:03.
  • Respectfully submitted, Carol Wagner 10:03, 03 October 2012 (CEST)

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