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For guidelines on the editing of minutes, please see the page on the responsibilities of the recorder.

  1. Meeting starts 08:59
  2. Check-in
  3. Agenda approved, with addition of planning for SSI Farm Tour.
  4. Minutes of previous two meetings, 2012-08-29 and 2012-09-05, reviewed and approved.
  5. Old business:
    • To do reviewed:
      • Remove task about September workshop -- Carol says it's a go!
    • Calendar reviewed:
      • Ben in Vancouver 19-20, maybe as late as 21.
      • Carol moving out sometime between Friday and next Wednesday, depending on her hosts' needs and availability of Bubba.
    • Project updates:
      1. Farm stay hostel:
        • Hostel plans on hold, but research continues in prep for an opportunity. Concern expressed that the people renting rooms there now are getting quite comfy and increasing their security, and may not respond well to such a change, even though they were made aware of it from the beginning. Project should proceed with delicacy, constant feedback and communication, and concern for current white house residents, with the possibility that continuing to rent rooms to long-term occupants will take priority.
        • Need to make a Lions run for a few pieces of furniture.
      2. Upcoming classes and events:
        1. SSI Farm Tour:
          • ACTION: [x] Get SSI Farm Tour info to Jacquie ASAP. (Jan Steinman)
          • ACTION: [x] (abandoned) Promote SSI Farm Tour via the National Organic Week website. (Jan Steinman)
        2. Carol will do a workshop on the 30th. Was to be day-long water-bath canning, but now will be two half-day sessions on jelly making and/or canning.
          • ACTION: [x] (abandoned) Prepare handouts and posters before Saturday market for Sept 30 jelly workshop. (Jan Steinman)
      3. Necessary changes in involvement in EcoReality:
        • Ping couple from North Carolina want to visit in October. They have not answered Jan's reply yet.
        • Carol says she has no plans to redeem any of her shares, and plans to remain involved in EcoReality business, specifically looking after bookkeeping and finances.
      4. Goat shed II:
        • Immediate need: keep goats out of front paddock so we can control them at milking time, retrieve groundfall pears without little goat bites out of them, and allow the foliage to regenerate in preparation to having the goats in there after winter rain makes the back paddocks unusable.
        • Internal work is currently not high priority, now that we have lighting in the outdoor milking parlour. Need feeders and indoor milking parlour installed before nasty weather starts.
      5. Commercial propagation greenhouse:
      6. Emergency power: no changes. Need to do before the first chance of a big snow, late November or sooner.
      7. Yellow house suite:
      8. Water system maintenance:
        • Parts for siphon starter seem to be in place.
        • ACTION: [ ] Weld camlock connectors onto 3" diesel pump in and out manifolds. (Jan Steinman)
  6. Health & safety:
    • Fill in the cistern hole with excavation spoils from east field.
  7. New business:
    1. Request 50 Class B shares for garburator for Carol.
      • Explanation: Carol supplied a garburator to use with our makeshift sink as a compost tea grinder. A used one was spotted on the Salt Spring Exchange recently for $75. The co-op already owns the sink and stand, so this should be owned by the co-op. Carol/Jan also request reimbursement of about $14 for a part needed by the garburator.
      • Discussion: none raised.
      • AGREED: Issue 50 Class B Investment Shares to Carol Wagner in exchange for a used garburator.
  8. Arrivals/Departures:
    • Ben to Vancouver 19th PM, back 20th PM.
      • Coverage: need to close and open farm stand, close and open greenhouse. Jan will cover.
    • Carol moving out sometime between 14th and 19th, depending on her hosts' needs and Bubba's availability.
  9. Farm meeting: Need to pick seckels, or they'll rot on the tree!
    • Work party Friday:
      • Morning: pick seckels
      • Afternoon: firewood
    • Markets:
      • Saturday - Ben starts, Jan relieves around noon.
      • Tuesday - Ben and Jan.
      • Saturday, 29th: will not participate, due to SSI Farm Tour. We can probably sell as much by staying at home that day.
  10. Plans for next week:
    • Jan: siphon starter early next week.
    • Jan: write up farm tour info
    • Jan: assess Red Jetta for roadworthiness
    • Ben: call John Quesnel for metal pickup
    • Rudy: Blackburn Mall kindling
    • Carol: preserve some excess inventory. Pickles?
  11. Confirmed next meeting: Next residents' meeting: Wednesday, 19 September 2012, 09:00, Jan facilitating and someone taking notes.
  • Meeting adjourned, 10:15.
  • Respectfully submitted, Jan Steinman 22:13, 12 September 2012 (CEST)

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