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For guidelines on the editing of minutes, please see the page on the responsibilities of the recorder.

  1. Meeting starts 09:09
  2. Agenda approved
  3. Minutes of previous meeting, 2012-01-04, approved.
  4. Old business:
    • Matters arising from old minutes:
      • It was agreed that the pallet composter should be set up on the fence about 100 feet from the gate and the shed moved next to it.
    • To do list reviewed. No changes.
    • Calendar not reviewed.
    • Project updates:
      • Reviewed briefly.
      • Water problems: lines from cracked tank freezing. Rudy reports no water in white house. Jan will procure heat tape and insulation for the temporary surface plumbing, but probably not until Friday.
      • Jan will make filing change to rules to allow transfer shares, as agreed in necessary changes in involvement in EcoReality project. Two-week notice for special resolution does not apply if all members agree in writing to the special resolution. All agreed to make these changes, and Jan will write it up and seek signatures on Friday.
    • New goat trailer: Rudy has some clear flex plastic that may be suitable for a roof. Will co-ordinate with Jan when the weather improves.
  5. New Business:
    1. 14-day notice of special resolution: discussed above under project updates: necessary changes in involvement in EcoReality.
    2. Email correspondence to CCEC (2011-12-29) reviewed.
    3. Annual mortgage review: CCEC requires an approved budget and signed leases in order to document ability to service the loan before they will renew.
    4. Request EcoReality host Christian's bees.
    5. Review electrical use of pump and green building. Meter was read on the 2nd.
      • Re-affirmed existing agreement: cost of pump electricity is split equally between yellow house and white house.
      • Request that green building electricity be split equally between yellow house and Rudy, and that Rudy be credited the amount he gave Ron, since the total use as measured is not even half of that.
        • Reviewed electricity pump usage. Rudy does not want any money for green building electricity use to compensate for money he gave to Ron for electricity. He wants an additional amount tacked on his rent to cover electricity, but that gets complicated, because electricity is a personal expense of the two households, and rent is paid to the co-op.
        • No conclusion drawn, will continue discussion next week.
    6. Request that Market Garden profit centre management be transferred to Carol.
    7. Request that Commercial Propagation Greenhouse profit centre management be transferred to Carol.
      • AGREED: to transfer management of Market garden and Greenhouse to Carol with help. Ron's involvement in the market garden is appreciated, but the management of the budget, work schedules, volunteer help, etc. will be managed by Carol, with appropriate help from others.
    8. Missing things:
      • Where is the large rototiller EcoReality bought from Ron? Still unknown.
      • Carol looking for butcher block that was in the workshop, waiting to be run through the planer. Please keep your eyes open for it -- it was not scrap wood!
    9. Review 2011 harvest and 2011 sales
    10. Review 2011-12 harvest and 2011-12 sales
    11. Review and approve budget 2012
      • Harvest, sales, and budget were reviewed and approved.
      • AGREED: to the budget 2012 as presented.
  6. Arrivals/Departures: Carol and Jan to Victoria tomorrow.
  7. Farm meeting -- no action
  8. Plans for next week -- no action
  9. Confirm next meeting:
    • Next residents' meeting: Wednesday, 25 January 2012, 09:00, Jan facilitating and Carol taking minutes.
  • Meeting adjourned, 10:40
  • Respectfully submitted, Carol Wagner 09:02, 19 January 2012 (PST)

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