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Wednesday, 2 November 2011, Members' Meeting

  1. Meeting starts 08:55
  2. Agenda approved
  3. Minutes of previous meeting, 20111019, approved.
  4. Old business:
    • Review to do list: not discussed
    • Review calendar: not discussed
    • Project updates: not discussed
  5. New business:
    1. Review 2011-10 harvest and 2011-10 sales
      • Deferred until next meeting, as not all figures for the month have been entered yet.
    2. Discuss deteriorating situation and propose solutions.
      • Market garden has not performed as promised. It and the greenhouse were supposed to be making mortgage payments. Instead, they have been a net loss.
      • Carol reports that with EcoReality covering the insurance and property tax on the white house that Ron was supposed to be paying, there is no money left for mortgage payments.
      • Jan has notified Ron that he sees only three things we can do, or be forced into a fourth:
        1. Someone buy out Jan's & Carol's interest in EcoReality,
        2. Someone buy out Ron's interest in EcoReality,
        3. Sell EcoReality's assets and split up the proceeds,
        4. Eventual mortgage foreclosure and forced sale.
      • Jan reports that there are prospects for option #2, but that they are not currently liquid, and that they would have to sell property before they could buy out even a portion of Ron's shares.
      • AGREED: Beginning with the payment due 1 December 2011, Jan and Carol will make the EcoReality Co-op mortgage payments of $1,896.06 each month, and are to receive $1896.06 of Class A Investment Shares in return.
    3. 2012 monthly themes discussion and agreement -- same as 2011?
      • AGREED: 2012 monthly themes same as those of 2011.
    4. Profit centre budget first drafts requested:
      1. Education -- Jan
      2. Agri-tourism -- Jan
      3. Market Garden -- Ron
      4. Transplant Propagation Greenhouse -- Ron
      5. Dairy -- Jan
      6. Eggs -- Carol
      7. Fruiticulture -- Jan
      8. Energy -- Jan
      9. Value-Added -- Carol
  6. Farm meeting:
    • Jan & Carol are working like mad, drying apples.
    • Rudy is juicing apples next door with Dave and Tali.
    • Zoe (WWOOFer) arriving today or tomorrow for one week.
  7. Plans for the week:
    • Apple processing
    • Greenhouse metal frame completion, begin work on end gables.
    • Firewood Fridays
    • Paperwork (skylights, property taxes, cost of residents and volunteers, etc.)
    • Next residents' meeting: Wednesday, 9 November 2011, 08:30.
  • Meeting adjourned, 09:29
  • Respectfully submitted, Jan Steinman 10:28, 2 November 2011 (PDT)

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