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Wednesday, 10 November 2010, Residents' Meeting

  1. Agenda approved.
  2. Minutes:20101103 approved.
  3. ACTION: [x] Ron to bring wire from Mayne for emergency power project. (Ron Pither)
  4. CCEC loan -approved. Some paperwork remaining. First payment 1 January 2011.
  5. Discuss building extension for equipment storage plans for winter. Tabled until after Christmas.
  6. Yellow house skylights status. Jan will begin the opening and put up vapour barrier for starters.
  7. ACTION: [x] Ron wants to organize clean up of barn area to get some things out of rain. (Ron Pither)
  8. Greenhouse - on hold - looking at other investors and options for used equipment.
    • ACTION: [x] Jan & Carol will put word out for used greenhouses. (Jan Steinman)
  9. Monthly themes for next year.
    • Jan will come up with monthly themes, based on past. (Already on to do list.)
  10. ING background info/tour of community farmland.
    • ACTION: [x] Ron will drive process and come up with an "info sheet" by the next ING meeting on 1 December 2010. (Ron Pither)
  11. Budget 2011 - next meeting.
  12. Tuesday market - we want to continue on. Ron will talk to other vendors.
  13. Ron gave a recap of his Cuba trip.
    • Will bring Sandra in January for about a month to check out our facilities. Humberto in March.
    • About 10 apprentices for three months, probably beginning in June.
    • Desired curriculum: look at local innovations and network with local farmers?
    • Jan: include Permaculture Design Course in curriculum?
    • ACTION: [x] (abandoned) Ron will round up funding for Cuban apprentice program. (Ron Pither)
  14. ACTION: [x] Ron to look into stream side water quality monitoring as part of ING paper. (Ron Pither)
  15. Arrivals/Departures: Carol & Jan to Vancouver possibly this Friday.
  16. Check-out
  17. Meeting adjourned, 09:50
  18. Next meeting:
    • Regular residents' meeting: Wednesday, 17 November 2010, 08:30
  • Respectfully submitted, Carol Wagner 15:34, 10 November 2010 (UTC)

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