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Monday, 1 February 2010, Residents' Meeting

Meeting started at 9:35pm

  • Approved agenda.
  • Approved last week's minutes.
  • Discussion about emergency power project, to authorize up to 550 Class A shares to someone for materials and 300 Class B shares for implementation.
    • Discussion
    • At this time everyone agrees that it is a good idea but no one is coming forth to pay for it.
    • Rudy is willing to contribute both labour and some financial contribution.
    • Jan is concerned about losing momentum if this drags on.
    • ACTION: [x] The emergency power project will be deferred for now and Jan will put it on another agenda. (Jan Steinman)
  • Discussion on hosting WWOOFers.
    • Carol is requesting help from the White House to feed Shaun and other WWOOFERs when they come.
    • Shannon is willing to help with WWOOFERs part of the time and wants to continue in further discussion of scheduling of WWOOFERs to make things more manageable for all here.
    • Shannon has spoken with Blaine and will speak with him again in mid-February. There is are still several uncertainties about his situation and his ability to come and whether he is a good fit for the community’s needs.
    • There are two other possibilities for WWOOFER help upcoming that Jan and Carol are investigating.
    • Shannon put forth the idea that perhaps February and possibly March may be not ideal at this time.
    • The summary is that we will go easy on taking WWOOFERs at this time until April or May.
  • Discussion of Action Plan: Individual Funders
  • Fundraising status and action progress.
    • Jan spoke to Farm Folk/City Folk and is now clear that they don’t have funds available to directly help pay for the land. Heather did have other suggestions that Jan will pass to Shannnon.
    • Jan reported that Ramona is leaving TLC. There is still some hope of possible matching funds through TLC.
    • Shannon has been speaking to various fundraisers and gaining valuable information about going about the fundraising process, how they might be paid etc.
    • ACTION: [x] ** Shannon has a list of possible donating companies and places to advertise that she will pass to Jan. (Shannon Cowan)
  • Susie Anne's plans.
    • When?
      Would like to stay in the white house through March. Want to keep Jessie in school through April, so would remain on the island until then.
      Committed to supporting Shannon until James is back 8 March.
      Looking for an RV to live in for spring.
    • Shannon: we are not looking specifically to fill your space in the house for income purposes. Through the end of March sounds good.
    • Okay with continuing to take meeting minutes through the quarter and to organize work parties. Would like to be excused from other initiatives, such as priorities and planning.
    • ACTION: [x] Susie Anne will send Jan the complete priorities list as it stands, with all four quadrants of the urgency/importance matrix. (Susie Anne Bartsch)
    • Housing payments? Still go to Class A, or go to J&S, or other?
      Will discuss options with Brenden and let us know preference.
    • Storage needs past March?
      Possibly, will work out as we go. Present plan is to pack travel trailer full of possessions.
  • Please everyone, review your own to do lists and be prepared to have them checked off or ask to strike or leave them on as items yet to be followed through on for next week’s meeting.
  • Departures and Arrivals
    • Feb 10 Carol and Jan in Vancouver. They may need help with animals. To be discussed next week.
    • Shannon and Rudy and possibly Jan and Carol will go to ING at Larry Starkes on Wednesday.

Meeting adjourned at 10:52am.

These minutes submitted by --Susie Anne Bartsch 23:06, 3 February 2010 (UTC)

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