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For guidelines on the editing of minutes, please see the page on the responsibilities of the recorder.

Sunday, 28 Jun 2009, Members' Meeting

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Present: Jan Steinman, Carol Wagner, Justin Roller, Osha Roller, Susie Anne Bartsch, Shannon Cowan, Dennis Lucarelli,

  • facilitator - Susie Anne Bartsch,
  • recorder - Shannon Cowan
  • Meeting called to order: 10:02 am
  • Circle Check-in/Story time/Introductions/Gratitude
  • Old business
  • agenda approved and to do list moved to end of the agenda (then moved to rez meeting!)
  • May 31 minutes approved
  • Stewards' council
    • Communications Steward: Jan
      • promo being done for Paula Baker-Laporte in July
      • WWOOfers coming July and Aug, communications will come up at rez meeting.
    • Land Use Planning Steward - Jan
      • Strategic Plan team - is working on the process of planning our strategic plan using a long roll of paper that can be rolled up (Dennis, Jan - James not able to be present yet)
    • Guest speaker steward - Justin
    • Rex was huge success, thanks to all for making it work!
    • Guest Speaker idea (Dennis)
      • Symposium Group Experience - Oct/Nov - he will take this offline with Guest Speaker steward and the event production team (Justin, James, Jan). .... NOTE ADDED BY DENNIS: This correctly reflects what was discussed/proposed at the meeting, but I confused the issue of whether it falls under "Guest Speaker" or "Education". It is a facilitated group experience around sustainability / social justice / spiritual fulfillment and the Presenter will be me (and possibly one other member of our community, or an outsider) so unless I become "famous" by then, it sounds to me like more of a community education event. It runs 3.5 or 4 hours, and should be done during a weekend day. I plan to share a mini-version of this with some members of EcoReality to achieve buy-in on our doing this event.
    • Food Steward - Osha - everything is rolling with food,
      • Jan - request that we eat at 8am on member's weekends to aid in milking time. All informally agreed.
    • Finance Steward - Carol
      • Fence clips - discussed which budget it falls under and determined that capital budget on fence project is closed. $21.00 will be reimbursed to Jan for fence clips from farm maintenance budget.
    • Work Party Steward - Susie Anne
      • Mo reported on his running of the Jun 26 Work party. He thinks we got a lot done and there was some good connection while doing it. Mo disappointed that we did not get appreciation tour done on Sat.
    • Childcare Steward - Susie Anne
      • Susie is waiting for James (fall/winter project) to do this further
    • Group Process Steward - Shannon.
      • Communications Action Plan to be reviewed and discussed on July 3 teleconf, please read your email of Jun 28 on this topic!
      • No process session July 26th (Shannon and Dennis and Susie Anne absent)
      • Possible rescheduling of process session to suit Justin and Osha's coming in July
    • Ecology Steward - Shannon
      • Lawn Irrigation mapping/testing to happen Monday Jun 29
  • Newsletter ideas: Permaculture Design" is theme
  • Turn in member time sheets
  • please don't use James' template - time does not show properly (fractions of a day not working)
    • ACTION: [x] Justin Roller will modify template so it has word wrap on longer cells, landscape format, date and name at top of page, fix formula in time summation column to show the correct sum of hours and minutes worked (Justin Roller)
    • Date, name on top of each page please
    • Justin expressed that he wants to go forward, no longer in resistance to it
    • We discussed that James had resistance to this also and said there would be reform in this area and guided Justin to stop, yet since that time he has expressed that he is out of integrity for not doing his either and he will rebuild when he did not take good accounts of his time spent on Co-Op hours
    • Morris queried if this is important to talk about
    • We came to place collectively that it's a good idea to put timesheet discussion on agenda
    • ACTION: [x] Justin Roller will put timesheet discussion on teleconf agenda (Justin Roller)
  • ING meeting bumped to rez meeting agendas permanently
  • 11:00 New business
  • Request for 50 Class A shares for Jan for piano for the classroom —Jan Steinman 5 minutes
    • Jan proposes here to steward the piano, yet thinks it would be a community asset, so proposes that Class A shares would be issued to cover cost of purchase of this community item
    • Jan clarified he would do tuning himself
    • Financial support may be needed at some point for maintenance
    • Discussion of whether this is best as Class A - capital, or Class B - chattel (something that can be sold again, removable)
    • Jan not willing to do it at Class B, would like to maintain it himself
    • Dennis reflected he is hearing that Jan has a desire for community to have buy-in on the piano as a community asset.
    • Twinkles expressed in resonance
    • Checked for where group is at: all expressed we are sideways thumbs (standing aside, unclear as yet)
    • SA expressed that we need further discussion, perhaps at next meeting juncture
    • Jan expressed that he would be happy to own it and thanked community for moving it, yet he wants the community to buy into it (ie. Class A shares would be issued)
    • SA clarified that she does not think this is the end of the discussion
    • Dennis identified that it could be a precedent setter, taking time to determine where it fits into larger plan is wise
    • Dennis almost sure that it would be Class A over time
    • Jan expressed that he is not sympathetic to precedent setting arguments
    • Jan saw that many people had the assumption that he wanted this decided today, requested that we not confuse enthusiasm with making decision on his schedule
    • ACTION: [x] Jan Steinman Jan will put Community Piano Class A share discussion/request on another agenda (Jan Steinman)
  • Break
  • Morris read letter from Mark and Penny. They requested that it not be shared publicly.
    • ACTION: [x] Susie Anne Bartsch will confirm response from Mark and Penny about whether their letter to the Co-Op can be shared with members either as hard copies or email. (Susie Anne Bartsch)
    • Jan requested that we get a statement for public release that clearly defines their withdrawal from the Co-Op and request for reimbursement of their shares in the Co-Op
    • Go round on feelings was done.
    • ACTION: [x] Carol Wagner Carol will put together a spreadsheet on the standing financial situation for Mark and Penny (dues, hours owing of labour, etc.) and inform Mark and Penny that timesheets from the past that have not been submitted can be submitted before the books are closed on this (Carol Wagner)
  • Scheduling of a meeting to discuss the nut/deep issues revealed that pertain to the health of the Co-Op from Mark and Penny's letter:
    • Saturday July 11th Justin and Osha and Lily will return for this meeting
    • Meeting to include a discussion about redemption of Mark and Penny's member shares and class A shares - Is there agreement to subtract all or some of the financial balance owing to EcoReality from outstanding dues, etc.?
  • August members' weekend: Osha requests to bring Sarah Thorson (founder of a cohousing community in Atlanta, and past partner of Osha's mother's)
  • ACTION: [x] Shannon Cowan will put the possiblity of family and friends attending the August Member's weekend on the agenda for July 10 teleconf (Shannon Cowan)
  • Discussion and request: replace provisional membership entirely with a change in the definition of director (4th discussion).
    • Jan clarified that request portion is for the group to agree on principle because he acknowledges that the proposal is incomplete in terms of all portions of the rules being updated and checked for revision
    • Essential stewardships with what is a steward and with CoOp rules change proposal - could blend proposals?
    • Osha would like to see the proposals blended and requests three people (Dennis, Jan, Shannon) to collaborate and bring something back to the group
    • Dennis requests to see reference to other communities' ways of approaching this in proposal(s) that emerge from this
    • Shannon thinks that defining the role of stewards, distinguishing what stewardships are essential and necessary for our strategic plan, and what stewardships/roles could be held by offsite members is needed before we can agree in principle on the proposal at hand
    • Jan agrees changing our bylaws to include what Shannon noted above. Combining proposals seems helpful.
  • Scale gauge test (arm up=yes, down=no) to ques: Does group need to make explicit who has power to make decisions (offsite/onsite)? - all high hands
  • Jan suggested that the CoOp Act may actually have wisdom we want to employ. One way of bringing clarity to our prospective members and our existing structure may be to actually have a board of directors as distinct from other members/stewards.
  • Dennis clarified - is The BCCoOp Act distinguish between cohousing/intentional communities and other types of coops (eg. VanCity)?
  • Jan replied no. He thinks however that EcoReality is a business and that other parts of our memorandum keep us distinct from VanCity.
    • Yarrow and O.U.R. both have boards of directors - as only "Intentional community" examples in BC
    • Scale gauge test (arm up yes, down no) to ques: Do we want a board of directors make certain decisions -- later we will determine what directorships are actually "essential" to the board and who should fill the spots and what their roles and responsibilities are (ie what kinds of decisions are made by a director and by the board that are not made by full membership)
      • Many hands medium to high to proceed this way (re: to use CoOp Act to revise our bylaws)
    • July 3rd teleconf have a presentation of combined proposal to Group
    • ACTION: [x] Shannon Cowan Jan Steinman and Dennis Lucarelli will meet to combine proposals on Coop rules/16 Directors/Change to Rule 85 and Essential stewardships this coming week, to be scheduled by Shannon (Shannon Cowan)
  • Major review and clearing of ALL ACTION items - pushed to Rez meeting
  • Appreciations, Feedback, Roses and Thorns:
    • to consider -- having a scribe on flipchart instead of only the computer notetaker? concerns expressed about slowing down, agreement expressed in that this may put responsibility more on group to be sure that major agreements and major contributions are recorded.
    • many roses to SA for her facilitation and holding the space and admitting when she need to ask for help
    • appreciation to Jan for doing the work thus far in exploring and proposing new Co-Op bylaws about directors living onsite (ending provisional)
  • Shannon Cowan is facilitator for next member's meeting.
  • Carol Wagner is recorder for next Member's meeting.
  • 12:30 Adjourned

Shan 19:53, 28 June 2009 (UTC) so respectfully of our ongoing work together!:)

Sunday, 28 June 2009, Residents' Meeting

<--previous residents meetingnext residents meeting-->

Present: Jan Steinman, Carol Wagner, Susie Anne Bartsch, Shannon Cowan, Morris Lamrock, Dennis Lucarelli

  • Meeting called to order: 19:04 pm
  • All Check-in
    • Of note: Carol really not feeling well and so her items moved earlier in meeting.
  • Agenda read out loud and approved, to do list was struck
  • Jun 21 Rez meeting minutes approved
  • Carol's items and queries added in here:
    • Morris agreed to replace the "y" on the faucet behind classroom to stop leak.
  • Eco-Living tour details:
    • Jan shared that there is a group seeking to have a location to demo their electric bikes for this event Aug 16th and EcoReality has been suggested. As well, there has been a request for EcoReality to host the demo of 100 sq ft homes during the event.
  • Agreed: EcoReality to host the Eco-living tour 2009 on August 16th with Jan as steward. Residents agreed to support Jan in planning in advance, with preference to complete preparations and planning as much as possible in July (many are going away end of July/early August, including Jan who will be at O.U.R. even up to the day before this event).
  • ACTION: [x] Shannon Cowan will steward scheduling for this planning meeting July 13, 14 or 15 (Shannon Cowan)
  • Manlift topic: to get one or not?
    • Agreed: Jan has approval of group to bring one onsite at EcoReality.
    • After discussion (timing, location for storage, usefulness, etc.) of this item - a straw poll was used to determine the group's willingness to have EcoReality own this piece of equipment as a community asset. Result: most were neutral/would not stand in the way, yet not highly motivated to make it happen.
    • Jan retracted the energy to purchase and bring a manlift on site without the enthusiasm in the resident's group for it at this time.
  • Operation: Irrigation in the fields:
    • Monday Jun 29 at 2pm Gavin will come to work on this. Shannon and Jan to assist.
  • ACTION: [x] Shannon Cowan will assemble the bamboo and flagging tape to mount locators for lawn sprinkler heads when they pop up (Shannon Cowan)
  • Goat milking:
  • ACTION: [x] Shannon Cowan will steward Chicken care for July 3-10 inclusive (Shannon Cowan)
  • Guests and visitors:
    • Lisanne - a friend of Susie Anne's and Morris' will come between Aug 10-22. TBA.
    • Marvin - Dennis' friend to visit in tent 3 Aug.
    • Susie Anne's friend coming half day July 4.
    • WWOOFer Ben arriving July 8.
  • ACTION: [x] Carol Wagner will contact Ben the WWOOF volunteer and notify group of his confirmed apprentice period with EcoReality (Carol Wagner)
  • Next meeting confirmed for July 5th. facilitator is Shannon and recorder is Carol.
  • Check out 20:15

Shan 04:37, 1 July 2009 (UTC)

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