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For guidelines on the editing of minutes, please see the page on the responsibilities of the recorder.

Sunday 31 December 2008: Rhythms Meeting

  • Weekly, monthly & yearly
    • Spring Retreat - 29 March - 4 April 209
    • Permaculture Course - 6-21 June 2009
    • Winter Retreat 2009 - 27 December 2009 - 2 January 2010
    • Teleconferences - 2nd Friday before and the Friday after Members weekend.
    • Work parties - once a month on Friday (TBD). Meals will be switched between Yellow and White houses and that house will bill EcoReality for the number of meals served.
    • Public work parties on the Friday before Members weekend. Susie Anne will steward the first quarter of 2009. Request that they bring their own tools.
    • Resident meetings - with new residents, a review will be made to see if there needs to be a change.
    • Heart circles - monthly and as needed.
    • Monthly themes - Intent is Public workshop/outreach:
      • January - Outdoor kitchen - Penny will do research
      • February - Campground design
      • March - Livestock
      • April - Humanure - Carol would like to steward a workshop.
      • May - Permaculture
      • June - Member/Investor Recruiting - Shannon (and maybe Noj) would like to steward.
      • July - Permaculture Site Design
      • August - Water Management
      • September - Functional Perennials/Winter Gardens
      • October - Consensus/Facilitation workshop
      • November - Strategy, Budget & Planning for 2010
      • December - Reflection, Review & Revisiting

Submitted by Carol Wagner 14:14 01 January 2009 (PDT)

Wednesday 31, December 2008: Past and Future Budgets

  • Start at 10:30am
  • Present: Shannon, james, Rudy, Stacy, Jan, Carol, Susie Anne, Mark
  • Facilitator: Penny
  • Recorder: Morris
  • Started with activity to explore our individual relationship with finance
  • 5 minute summary of Ecoreality finances
  • * sold Ecoreality “lite” for $755,000…paid $825,000
  • * bought Hughes farm , vesting strategy adopted $1,700,000 …put $900,000 down, owe $800,000
  • * new members
  • * fencing materials
  • many cost are still vague such as taxes and utilities
  • existing “profit centers” are 1. Farm 2. Co-op
  • brainstorm attempted to explore “What budget system do we want to have?”, but didn’t happen.
  • Became an explanation of “present reality”
  • * James proposed a timeline for structure to create budget

Future Plan for 2009

  1. Individual budgets to be proposed by each steward in Oct. meeting each year
  2. Online and teleconference discussion by members prior to Nov. to clarify question and concerns
  3. Finance steward and committee take steward proposals and discussion and formulates and overall budget to be presented to members by late Nov. for agreement
  4. Dec. meeting includes a recap of the accepted budget
  5. Stewards have authority to spend their allotted budget

Current Plan

  1. Operations budget based on projected income, to be e-mailed to members
  2. Request for approval in Jan. meeting
  3. Projects/capital improvements – continue to approve project pages via Wiki
  4. Stewardship budgets , if applicable presented

Submitted by Morris at 17:09 PST on January 15, 2009

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