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Friday 5 December 2008: Members' Teleconference

  • Check in
    • Shannon- 3-4 - not present, unhappy with the space (kitchen a mess from woodstove upgrade).
    • Noj - lots of stress, feeling better after incision being drained.
    • Mark- 8 - busy week, just got home, settling in.
    • Carol- 8.5 - full from dinner.
    • Penny - 8 - long days at work.
    • James - 8 - distracted with Sienna, grateful for help on tiling project.
  • Agenda.
    • #1 Community event planning - Mark would like to see as many as possible of meetings to happen in the classroom and not in personal space. Has set up community event policy page for discussion.
    • #2 AGREED Wood heat for 2172 - interim budget, not issuing of Class A shares.
  • Check out:
    • James - grateful for Sienna being good, and for the discussion.
    • Mark - 8 - feeling good about everything.
    • Carol - 8 - cold from sitting downstairs.
    • Noj - Great!
    • Penny - 8 - glad to hear Noj is feeling better and for good communication.
    • Shannon - 6 - little more present, thanks for good communication.

Adjourned 19:40

Respectfully submitted: Carol Wagner 10:59, 6 December 2008 (PDT)

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