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Saturday 29 November 2008: Member's Meeting

Approved agenda

Approved October 25 minutes, November 7 minutes, November 21 minutes

  • Old business
    • Stewards Council
      • Shannon as Ecology Steward - carrying capacity based on based on food grown, changed from 60 to 29.
      • James as Program Steward - Winter Retreat - draft is up, requests that you present any changes to him before making any changes to the draft.
      • Jan as Communications Steward - continuing to get queries. Need volunteers for next newsletter - games & music. Penny will write about games and Mark will write up promised article about root cellar options & benefits.
      • Carol as Finance Steward- Balance in chequing- $8318.75, after deposits to be made on 2 December and before monies to be transferred to restricted funds. Restricted funds - $51023.83, before transfers in from chequing. Will email reports to members. Will also send out report showing members dues paid.
    • Time sheets - please turn in time sheets to Carol in a .csv format.
    • AGREED ** Request for Class A Shares for upgrades to wood heat, for ceiling fans in both houses. 2152 - $26.75 Class A investment shares to Jan for cash outlay for ceiling fan. $30.00 Class B investment shares to Jan for aluminum diamond plate (material on hand) to bring hearth to code. $15.00 Class B investment shares to Jan, for procure the ceiling fan. $77.75 Class B investment shares to Jan, for install ceiling fan (5:11 labour). $15.00 Class B investment shares to James (1:00 labour). 2172 - $20.00 Class A shares to James for cash outlay for ceiling fan. $24.00 Class A shares to James for cash outlay for fan mounting bracket. $15.00 Class B shares to James for installation labour (1:00). $42.25 Class B shares to Jan for installation labour (2:49).
    • James will update project pages to have approved or requested.
    • AGREED modified definition of Member guide.
    • AGREED Prospective member definition.
    • AGREED Fencing grant - As part of the Environmental Farm Plan, an application for a fencing grant for up to $15,000 for fencing and labour reimbursement @ 30% was approved. The site was walked by interested members and measured 2,280 feet inside the circle drive for fencing. Costs: $6,375.61 posts and wire fence $1,350 (work trade) $1200 for large gates and $600 for pedestrian gates. Class B Shares for labour.
  • New business
    • Discussion to extend or complete provisional member status for Penny Pobiecke, Mark Stiffler, Osha Roller and Justin Roller. Mark and Penny have taken the big step into full membership and will select stewardships in the near future. Due to Justin & Osha's absence, their provisional membership has been extended to the January 2009 members meeting.
    • Water license and Farmer's Institute - meeting this coming Thursday, 4 December with Mark Wyatt, Three Point Properties, Jan & James (representative members) and Ian & Ben with the Farmer's Institute. Request will be based on the number of sprinkler heads and flow rate.
    • Discussion of 2009 monthly themes for newsletter and activities. Jan has proposed these themes: January 2009, Outdoor Kitchens; February 2009, Campground Design; March 2009, Livestock; March 29 through April 4, Spring Retreat; April 2009, Humanure; May 2009, Teaching Permaculture; June 2009, Member/Investor Recruiting; July 2009, Permaculture Site Design; August 2009, Water Management; September 2009, Land Use Planning; October 2009, Perennials; November 2009, Strategy and Planning; December 2009, Reflection, Review, and Revisiting. Additional ideas are: Cover cropping and Seed Saving. Please let Jan know if you have any other ideas.
    • Discuss Co-Op labour Budgeting - see Category:Stewardship for current stewardship definitions and associated tasks. Not listed there is:[Group Process Steward: speaks for conflicts, create activities to help group communicate, stay in touch with leaders and educators in community consensus that will help build group process. Possibly new stewardship Communities Research Steward: ongoing task of doing research of other communities.
      • Membership Steward - Noj is interested in working with someone on this stewardship.
      • Accepted tasks for time sheets: Member guide duties, meetings, e-mail, meal preparation, meal clean-up. James will create a page for approved activities for hours.
      • Request: would offsite members please brainstorm what tasks for Co-Op labour are/can be done offsite. Can be put on Discussion tab on James page
    • Garlic plan - tilled more area than needed. Jan purchased $30.00 worth of bird's foot trefoil to cover crop the over-tilled area.
      • AGREED Reimburse Jan for trefoil seeds.
    • Announcements
      • Tree Bressen Facilitation One day workshop 24 Jan at Cranberry Commons and Consensus workshop 25 Jan at Quayside. Contact Shannon if want to attend. Tree Bressen's Facilitation Training Series over 2 years begins April 2009. EcoReality will host in 2010.
      • Spring Retreat - March 29 - April 4. We will review schedules at that time.
      • Teleconference schedule changed to one week and three weeks after members meeting. The next two scheduled are 5 December and 19 December.
      • [x] James will set up a new interactive menu planning page. (James Cowan)
    • Facilitator next Shannon, Carol minutes
  • Check out
    • Shannon - 9.5 - Grateful for the meeting, grateful for everyone sticking with it.
    • Mark - 10 - found some places to contribute to EcoReality.
    • Penny - 9 - distracted by all the things talked about, wishes there was more time to discuss.
    • James – 10.2 - appologize for getting worked up, grateful for Shannon facilitating meeting.
    • Rudy - 9.5 - waking up, interesting to watch.
    • Noj - fading, not feeling great, lots of catching up to do.
    • Brenda - 7 - really appreciate insight.
    • Jan - 10 - need to take some of the meeting agenda to a different meeting type.
    • Carol- 9- fading, need a snack, thinking about dinner.
    • Scott - 9.5 - belly 1/2 full.

Meeting adjourned at 16:05

Submitted by Carol Wagner 14:11, 1 December 2008 (PDT)

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