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For guidelines on the editing of minutes, please see the page on the responsibilities of the recorder.

Saturday 25 October 2008: Member's Meeting

  • Meeting brought to order: 14:02
  • Present: members: James Cowan, Shannon Cowan, Justin Roller, Osha Roller, Jan Steinman, Carol Wagner, guests: Emillee, Brad & Scott
  • Facilitator: Shannon
  • Recorder: Carol
  • Check in and quick introductions
    • Shannon- 10 - nothing holding her back, excited about the process.
    • James- 9- still getting up to date since being away.
    • Osha- 7/8- worried about Lily.
    • Justin- 8- attention is focused on Lily.
    • Jan- 6- distracted, sun is shining, 86 e-mails.
    • Carol- 8- stiff neck, but present.
    • Scott - 8 - excited to be here, learning lots, weaning from caffeine.
    • Brad- 5- baking bread, distractions with baby.
    • Emillee - 6 - tired, distracted by Nickolai.

Approved agenda

Approved September 28 minutes, October 3 minutes, October 17 minutes

  • [x] September 27 minutes not complete - James to contact Mark about completing. (James Cowan)
    • Stewards Council
      • Shannon as Ecology Steward - carrying capacity of the land could be as many as 60 based on her study and 27 based on labour needs.
      • Shannon as Process Steward - Very happy to have had Tree Bressen here for the consensus workshop.
      • James as Program Steward - Winter Retreat, December 28 through January 4. Rex Weiler could come whenever asked.
      • Osha - would like to be the Recipe Steward and start a page of recipes by seasons.
      • Jan as Communications Steward - still fielding 1-2 queries a week, courting Dan Jason.
      • Carol- Balance in chequing- $6369.71. Restricted funds - $50,364.20. Will email reports to members.
    • Newsletter - Permaculture theme. Osha will submit a recipe, Justin will submit part 3 of his story, Shannon will submit a brief entry about the carrying capacity.
    • Vanessa Hammond came from the South Islands Regional Co-op Council to tell us about her work and inviting us to join.
    • Time sheets - please turn in time sheets to Carol in a .csv format.
    • WWOOFers - residents discussed the expense of WWOOFers and would like to propose that EcoReality pay $10/day for meals & lodging to the host house. Shannon will send an e-mail to explain this to all members before the next teleconference to ask for approval.
    • Add to the December meeting agenda a discussion for a Labour Budget.
    • Banking hours - request approval at the next teleconference - set up a page on the wiki - James action item
    • Aging members - what to do when people are too old to do their hours? Needs further discussion.
    • Jan- Request in principle to hold a Permaculture Design Course here in June (6-21). There are many things that need to happen before PDC can happen. Diana Christian will be here and participate. Approved in principle with a budget.
    • AGREED Jan - requesting Class A & B shares for electrical work. $70 Class A shares for 1 meter and 2 meter boxes. $15 Class B shares to Carol for assembling the materials. $45 Class B shares to James for mounting meters & boxes, $120 Class B shares to Jan for engineering, mounting and hook-up of meters. $30 to Jan for market value of second meter box. Approved!
    • Jan - there is an issue with inappropriate e-mails being sent to members. Jan is rejecting them. Jan will send an e-mail to let members/advisors to advise this.
    • Winter retreat is scheduled for 28 December to 4 January. It is open to members, advisors & family. It could include such events as: talent show, games, show & tell, re-visiting our values. Please look at the page and put ideas on. Winter retreat
    • Justin & Osha will regrettably be away for the November meeting and the Winter Retreat.
    • The next teleconference is scheduled on Halloween and has been changed to November 7th and the next one after that will be on the 21st. James will change the meeting page.
    • James & Shannon will be away from this Wednesday for 4-5 days.
    • Facilitator next Shannon, Carol minutes
  • Check out:
    • Shannon - 10 - Thirsty, present and grateful to everyone.
    • Emillee - 6 not a huge meeting person, thankful for the fall day.
    • Brad - 7.5 - grateful for background info
    • Shel - 7 - brain dead after market, nice to observe, appreciate the welcoming energy.
    • Christy - 6 - energy level crashed.
    • James – 9.75 - grateful to everyone coming to observe the meeting.
    • Rudy - 9 - sorry he was late, seeing the value of meetings.
    • Justin - 9 - not distracted, don't assume others know background.
    • Jan - 8 - looking outside, grateful of the progress
    • Carol- 8.5- grateful for a good meeting.
    • Scott - 7 - a little weak, appreciate being invited.

Meeting adjourned at 16:00

Submitted by Carol Wagner 14:11, 28 October 2008 (PDT)

-reviewed by Penny 18:45, 7 Nov 2008 -reviewed by Mark S 18:45, 7 Nov 2008

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