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Tuesday 7 October 2008: Resident's Meeting

  • Check in
    • Shannon- 9.5, grateful for Monday, sunny day, worked on yoga business, facilitating.
    • James- 9- 3 more meetings today
    • Rudy- 9- optimistically a 10.
    • Jan- 9 - busy day, more meetings.
    • Carol- 9.5- long list of things to do.
  • Approved agenda
  • September 30 minutes approved
  • Discuss WWOOFERs - the question is, who pays for their work. Since most of the work done will ultimately be to the benefit of EcoReality, we are presenting this request to the members at the next teleconference:
    • Request for EcoReality as the primary beneficiary of WWOOFer labour, to bear the cost at 1/2 the current cost for guests and visitors, which is currently $300 per month. We have discussed that any personal tasks performed for the residents, that the residents would pay for the cost of meals/lodging at the same rate (1/2 the current cost or $1.67 per hour).
  • Work party - fruit harvest
    • James has proposed that the household that processes the fruit will donate a portion of the processed food to the community pantry. The only place for this is in the small basement room in the yellow house. Carol has agreed to steward the Community Pantry and let Osha know about what is being stored.
  • Thanksgiving dinner this weekend.
    • Jan & Carol will host the usual potluck on Saturday. The residents will have Thanksgiving on Thursday as James, Shannon & Sienna will be in Victoria.
  • Qi Gong - nothing to note about upcoming meeting with Felicity.
  • Calendar - Jan has changed the group calendar because of problems and will print a calendar for Rudy's information.
  • Power outages - what to do incase of power outage. We need to keep stored water until the generator is setup.
  • This coming Friday's work party:
    • Firewood - AM - Jan to lead
    • Move futon from to yellow house - AM - Carol to lead
    • Power meters - PM - Jan to lead
    • Insulation under white house - PM - James to lead
    • Apples at Meg's next door - PM - Carol to lead
    • Next Friday - Rudy to check in with the vineyard about picking their apples.
  • Check out 10:15 am
    • James - 10 - Great! beautiful day, people, meeting
    • Rudy - twinkle
    • Jan - 9.75 - Distracted by wind
    • Carol - 9.5 - Grateful for the meeting and day
    • Shannon - Energized by the meeting
  • Next meeting in 45 minutes with Qi Gong

Respectfully submitted: Carol Wagner 16:27, 8 October 2008 (PDT)

Friday 7 October 2008: Qi Gong's Meeting

  • Check in
    • Shannon - 9 - headache, exticed to meet with Qi Gong.
    • James - 10 - good use of space, improved usage.
    • Rudy- 10 - more clarity at school, students happy, wider application of classroom.
    • Jan - 7 - worried about green house & wind.
    • Carol - 9- headache, still long list.
    • Ron - 8-9 - ramping up to talk about finances.
  • Ron - has three topics to address
    • Rent - He has taken over the bookkeeping, finances and would like to change to an hourly rate. It is estimated that their usage would be 35 hours per month. Qi Gong is in a financial crunch. They would also like to make less of a presence. After the first of the year they want to start classes in I-Fit.
    • Insurance
      • Jan - would like to see insurance firmed up before we change the agreement.
      • Felicity - There will be insurance in place by the 1st of November. It is costing $800 - $1000 per year.
      • Carol - Want to make sure that EcoReality is listed on insurance and that we have a binder.
      • Also want to ensure that their waiver includes EcoReality.
      • Jan - wants a formal lease with minimum # of hours use.
      • Is Capoeira covered for insurance? Felicity is looking in to it.
      • Would like to see some structure for off time usage and a donation for this usage.
    • Porta-potty
      • It is not used by EcoReality. EcoReality will be building a composting toilet to be used by all sometime before summer.
  • There are no issues about farm junk.
  • Check out 1210 pm
    • James - 10 - happy to work with Qi Gong
    • Ron - 10 - the format is refreshing, terrific format
    • Jan - 9 - had not thought about the greenhouse, appreciate working with Qi Gong
    • Carol - 8 - Hungry
    • Shannon - 9.5 - Not great in the head, it was good to meet Ron
    • Rudy - 10 - more informed, feeling better about us
    • Felicity - 9 - Feeling better

Respectfully submitted: Carol Wagner 18:09, 8 October 2008 (PDT)

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