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Monday 27 September 2008: Tree Bresson facilitated Member's meeting on Prioritization

Topic: How to determine tasks for group and categories into which priorities should be placed

History of this topic:

  • Current prioritization system:
    • 0 - not a priority, but should be present on a list
    • 1 - urgent: do immediately
    • 2 - medium
    • 3 - low priority
  • Group often engaged in "tabling" a given to-do list item; current system not functioning well, due to time constraints, however items of type "1" were being addressed
  • Jan conveyed a level of expertise/awareness of model systems in existence
    • example: Occidental Arts in CA has a good method


  • Discussion for various effective systems of prioritization

Clarifying questions:

  • focus on action items
  • good point offered for discussion: expressing frustrations of existing system; requests for more of the history of existing process
  • Further history info provided, including:
    • James: existing model exists whereby a code designates items in various meetings' Minutes that auto-add to a wiki To-Do list, but actual list is non-editable.
    • Shannon: added that faulty wiki pages that don't get into To-Do list(s)
    • Carol: mentioned existing pages, but then they don't go to To-Do list(s)
    • Current plan explained as being the "priority" is decided upon right as the item is being added to the Minutes

Desirable qualities for NEW system:

  • one central list
  • direct modification allowed by everybody
  • multiple assignments (assigning people responsible for an item)
  • various routes by which to get it added to a To-Do list
  • able to address off-site contributors

Comments made:

  • Susie Ann: explained an existing 4-quandrant system for prioritization
  • James: added in explanation of specific quandrants for "cost" and perhaps other issues -- e.g. social value, ecologicial value, etc.
  • Brenda: asked if there's a way to add tasks with means to include fun qualities -- e.g. work party for "must do" items?
  • Susie Ann & Justin: introduced notion of Gantt Chart usage
  • James: Described farm (Finney Farm) that tracked projects effectively
  • Tree: mentioned Y-I-P -- "year in preview"; W-I-P -- "week in preview"... to discuss what to, and when
  • Shannon: "Action Plan Process" -- weekly review of to-do's; EcoReality dicussed introduction of "buddies" to be supportive of tasks
  • Stacy: process for assigning items to specific calendar dates
  • Brenda: liked an EU that had 15-minute check-ins each day & suggested to celebrate tasks that are accomplished
  • Morris: mentioned hope to keep process simple
  • Guy: suggested training on "Franklin Planners"
  • Susie Ann: recognized computer use may be required to break out tasks into reasonable size/scope so they actually get done
  • Mark: spoke up for useful nature of technology (if used right)
  • Guy: suggested training on the "Franklin Planners"
  • Elliott: acknowledged getting things recorded & factors in level of priority, specifically including the need to prioritize fulfilling the life-affirming things
  • Rudy: try to be present in the moment & make commitmentsto yourself -- and keep them
  • Mark: ability for prioritization based on the priority lesson of the "jar" of ER being balanced with the priority Jar for each actual individual
  • James: requested an agenda item to follow up on this topic


  • Request made to add this topic to a future meeting agenda as a discussion topic (not sure who this task was assigned to??)

Adjourned at 4:50pm

Submitted by Mark Stiffler 22:35, 27 September 2008 (PDT)
Completed by Mark Stiffler 00:04, 12 March 2009 (PDT)

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