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Tuesday 16 September 2008: Resident's Meeting

  • Meeting brought to order at 9:12am
  • Present: James Cowan, Shannon Cowan, Carol Wagner, Jan Steinman, Rudy Siegers
  • Facilitator: Carol
  • Recorder: James
  • Check in
    • Carol- 9- day of meetings, more meetings this afternoon, lots of stuff on agenda
    • Jan- 7- distracted by things have to do and things been doing, want to get lots of stuff done around here.
    • Shannon- 9.75- very busy day, not prepared for meeting at UBC- conference call this morning. Good sleep. Feels like things are getting going around here.
    • Rudy- 8- uncertain about what can add to anything. Willing and able
    • James 9- backlogged with stuff to do.
  • Topics:
    • To Do list- James email Jan with list changes update.
    • Garlic plan-
      • James- work with Mitchell on deal on their garlic.
      • Agreed James will contact Mithcell and Laura. James can negotiate on EcoReality behalf about garlic and doing work trade.
      • Ask for 500? 1000? bulbs.
    • Work parties Friday 9-5
      • Agreed Fridays are work party days- 9am-4pm.
      • Jan will email to advertise and handle RSVP (ask people to specify lunch)
      • Carol will prepare lunches.
      • Work party leader will be determined in advance.
      • Put work party leader and items on agenda for res meetings. (DONE)
      • House who prepares lunch gets $4 meal reimbursement from co-op.
    • Tree workshop-
      • Payment to classroom- $80
      • Put on agenda for teleconf- approve budget one more time (DONE)
    • DLC- Coming to Farm Folk City Folk in January?
      • Shannon will follow up with Heather and DLC about timing.
      • PDC- July 20-29 DLC will be in area. Do PDC before or after that? Jan researching dates and will work on plan and put on wiki.
      • [x] James send Jan Bema contact info (PDC teacher from California). (James Cowan)
    • Old chickens- James contact Kirstin to come get chickens. (DONE)
    • Work for the week and Friday work party- move chickens, move J&C’s washer and dryer, soil digging, firewood, white house laundry hookup, Electric meters, wiring 220 for biodiesel,
    • Open house-
      • J&C have gone around neighbourhood, everyone wanted to chat. Good response.
      • Jan is bringing permaculture class around 10-11am for private tour. Rick Binns (Shannon’s dad) will be here at that time too.
      • F&B- Carol has breads made, baking cookies. Shannon getting flatbreads, homus, Jam, chutney.
      • J&C submit expenses for printing for open house.
      • Beverages- Carol make Sun tea, carol has pitchers, J&S supply mugs.
      • Get EcoReality to reimburse houses for F&B for each house.
      • Each house get approximate costs by Friday.
      • Add to agenda for Friday. (DONE)
      • If cold and rainy, make spiced chai tea?
      • Tables- J&C have two with table cloths, round table from classroom with inserts, some chairs.
    • Reimbursement of taxes on Sharp rd-
      • Carol will reimburse J&C from EcoReality. NOTE- agreement not needed because they are expenses already approved.
  • Check out:
    • Shannon- 9.75- making transition to next meeting. Excited for work parties.
    • Rudy- 9- more informed and know where can be of use.
    • James 9- Friday will be exciting day of getting stuff done.
    • Carol- 7.5 – headache coming on. Appreciate good information and everyone’s input.
    • Jan- 9- got more present, psyched about things and getting them done. Let’s go do them!

Adjourn 10:10am

Submitted by James Cowan 12:41, 18 September 2008 (PDT)

Tuesday 16 September 2008: Qi Gong Meeting

  • Topics:
    • FYI for Felicity- Open house- James email info to Felicty so she can send it out. (done)
    • Upcoming Qi Gong schedule to be added to iCal (DONE). Nov 1-2 Qi Gong, Wed 5th, Nov 15-16, Wed 19th, Dec 6-7 & Possibly 20-21
      • Qi Gong typically does two weekends per month and one week in between.
      • Make note to talk at members meeting about which weekend of each month works best. (DONE- Added to next members agenda)
    • Insurance- Felicity working on it. Seeking martial arts insurance.
      • EcoReality will provide details to Felicity once policy is received.
      • Rudy Hexter will need coverage for Capoeira. Will wait to see if can be covered under Felicity's coverage.
    • Porto potty- All in favour of composting toilet ASAP. Difficult working with supplier. Not fun having classes when potty is full.
    • Split with EcoR if being used for other than Qi Gong. Or other user groups (eg Yoga).
    • Next meeting Tuesday October 7th at 11am (In person at the Yellow house).
  • Check out

Adjourned 11:35

Submitted by James Cowan 10:54, 18 September 2008 (PDT)

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