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Tuesday 9 September 2008: Resident's Meeting

  • Meeting brought to order at 9:12am
  • Present: James Cowan, Shannon Cowan, Carol Wagner, Regrets from Jan Steinman who is off teaching permaculture today.
  • Facilitator: Carol
  • Recorder: James
  • Check in
    • Carol 9- busy morning, meetings and errands in town.
    • Shannon 9- Good yoga this morning, lot of things on plate today. Really looking forward to resolution on items
    • James- 9- weary from travels. Want to play outside in beautiful weather.
  • Topics:
    • Approved Sep 2 minutes
    • Review To do- Discussion about to do list
      • ACTION: [x] Carol look in to GST policies and what the co-op needs to collect and pay each year (Carol Wagner)
    • Tree Workshop finances- Some discussion- Tree travel costs (approx $200), agreed donation from EcoR ($400), money collected as deposit from each person ($30), J&S can supply US cash (or Carol), Have donation jar and collect portion of $400 from each person, Send out information in advance so each person knows the financial situation, Add to next week- Tree workshop pay rent for classroom? And review this one more time. (DONE).
    • Compost plan presented by Shannon- Put by existing garden, no frame, Carol has plastic for covers, possibly use thermometer.
    • Garlic plan- Possibly get soil test kit, need to find someone with plow (Shannon's asking neighbour Gavin). Garlic sources from Mike Nichols, Dan Jason, John Wilcox,
    • Next meeting in one week, reminder that there is a Conf call with Qi Gong- Felicity 11am next Tues.
  • Check out
    • Carol – 9- good meeting
    • Shannon – 9.5 excited about farming, getting grounded here. Feels like we have some space to explore personal role and role on the farm. Glad that Susie Anne decided to stay.
    • James- 9- Grateful for all interactions.

Adjourned at 9:53am

Submitted by James Cowan 16:11, 9 September 2008 (PDT)

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