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For guidelines on the editing of minutes, please see the page on the responsibilities of the recorder.

Friday 5 September 2008: Member's Teleconference

  • Meeting brought to order at 7:07pm
  • Present: James Cowan, Shannon Cowan, Justin Roller, Osha Roller, Jan Steinman, Mark Stiffler, Carol Wagner, Penny Pobiecke, guests: Susie Anne Bartsch
  • Facilitator: Carol
  • Recorder: James
  • Check in
    • Jan- moved goats, picked pears
    • Justin- doing great, wonderful weekend last weekend, working hard, one more day with mom and grandma.
    • James- getting ready for trip to Edmonton on Monday
    • Shannon- busy, good birthday party for Carol
    • Susie Anne- Happy day, experiencing living in white house at EcoReality
    • Penny- Doing well, third day of school, there for 12 hours, long day, TGIF.
    • Mark- Busy week, glad for weekend and week off.
    • Carol- Appreciate everyone’s check in.
  • Topics:
    • Expense reimbursement- Lawn mowed, postage for EcoR, clips for mirror, bought towel rings, foam tape for doors, timer for bathroom fans, Jan bought silicone for Sharp rd and current property, fruit pickers for pears, Sending out in email to get approval.
    • Classroom structure- see new page.
      • Agreed Classroom rental rate will be $10 per hour (minimum) or 25% of revenue (maximum). Qi Gong will keep renting for $500+GST per month and Rudy Hexter and Shannon have the option of paying 25% of revenues as a minimum. Rental prices will be open for re-negotiation throughout the fall with January 2009 as the earliest implementation date of revised rates.
    • Briony Penn- James- ensure that anyone is open to put up signs on the road front. Mark- defer to our “on the ground” expertise. Jan- Acknowledge Mark for his email.
      • Agreed Members are welcome to put up a political party sign of their choice on the road front of the property. Jan will put up Briony sign on the road and try to get Briony to come to an event at EcoReality.
    • Resident member’s leasing structure-
      • James- explained mortgage/lease structure. More to come in the coming weeks.
      • Jan- Explained vested interest.
      • Justin- Long term strategy to not pay $800K immediately and borrow money instead? Use money to build houses?
      • Jan- May not want to build housing for incoming members without the members being able to design their home.
      • James- We don’t want to take on debt and make a bank money.
      • Justin- see points
      • James- Capital improvement projects are possible. Need to budget.
      • Penny- Continue conversation about building communal structure
      • (NOTE- create time to talk about finances) (on James' list)
    • Programs
      • Shannon- October- Marshall Rosenberg DVD’s. Facilitate discussion about DVD and possibly everyone talking about DVD.
      • Jan- need to have one public event each month. Possibly open up to wider group to keep our name in front of the public.
      • Penny- October- Harvest moon event. People share own wares, themed potluck, bring something from own harvest.
      • Mark- Do something pure enjoyment and fun. Entertainment and outreach.
      • Jan- Please come up with list of people that they think are inspiring and would make a public event. Who could we get over here to present? Coming up in the next couple of months we will have a whole years worth of activity to do.
      • Penny- Political Folk singers?
      • Jan- workshops was what he was thinking.
      • Carol- Raging grannys?
      • [x] Justin- Rex Wiler- Author- founder of Greenpeace. Will pull together some names [for programs]. (Justin Roller)
      • Carol- Offer free room and board and travel costs. Can’t offer a ton of money.
      • Jan- Can charge more at door and draw bigger crowd to pay more money if possible.
      • [x] Jan- Will organize wiki page [for program ideas]. Send Jan thoughts by email. (Jan Steinman)
  • Facilitator next time- Carol
  • Check out –
    • Justin- Great to hear voices
      • Penny- good to talk to everyone, have great weekend
      • Mark- good new ideas, will follow up by email
      • James- Reminder about Tree workshop- going to be busy
      • Shannon- feeling good, busy with bread baking and little ones. Thinks harvest moon idea is good idea. Good way to involve public. Her and SA have met people and are talking up open house.
      • Susie Anne- Becoming a pain in the butt to not live here. Wants to not miss anything. Been a wonderful experience and thank you!
      • Carol- Thank you!

Adjourned at 19:41

Submitted by James Cowan 21:29, 11 September 2008 (PDT)

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