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For guidelines on the editing of minutes, please see the page on the responsibilities of the recorder.

Saturday 30 August 2008: Member's Meeting

  • Meeting brought to order: 14:06
  • Present: members: James Cowan, Shannon Cowan, Justin Roller, Osha Roller, Jan Steinman, Mark Stiffler, Carol Wagner, Penny Pobiecke), guests: Susie Anne Bartsch, Selina Jansen, Rudy Siegers, Molly (Mudgirls)
  • Facilitator: Carol
  • Recorder: James
  • Check in and quick introductions
    • Justin- 9- Doing great, good heart circle this morning.
    • James 9.5- excitement outweighing exhaustion.
    • Penny- 9. Coffee good.
    • Mark 10- Good sleep last night. Great to be here, thank you.
    • Susie Anne- 8- Didn’t get nap. Hurt in body and happy to be here.
    • Selina. 8.5-9- Bunch of things on mind. Sure to be more present as things proceed.
    • Shannon- 9.5 Happy to be here. Waiting for meeting for a couple of months.
    • Jan- 9.736- Distracted about mounting speakers around screen. Thankful for meeting after 2 months.
    • Carol- 8.5. Looking forward to getting discussion done.
    • Molly- 8.2- Here to listen and hearing what we have to say.
  • Agenda approved
  • Old business
    • Stewards council
      • Shannon- Tree workshop. See James registration details and give deposit. Talking later about facilitation series and brainstorm for Tree workshop.
        • Going to call community in Langley about doing workshop with Diana LC.
        • Ecology- carrying capacity study still in the works. Still crunching numbers and calculating. Going to send out info soon.
    • Took break for introductions
      • James- program steward- Adam workshop. More programs coming.
      • Carol – membership dues due. Will email. ACTION: [x] Carol will follow up with individual members regarding paying overdue dues (Carol Wagner)
        • Handed out finance statement
      • Jan- Closed on both properties (applause and hollers). Needs to meet with planner. Harry Burton Still interested in building fruit processing facility. He’s okay with structure of him buying shares in the co-op and us building the structure.
        • Penny- Question about investment being subject to 3 year lock in. Answer- Yes. Clarification about co-op act saying that payments can be deferred if co-op is in jeopardy. We understand that equipment is being donated. Need to get SEEDS up and running so we can issue tax receipt.
        • Communications steward- Nothing to report. See emails that are copied to group.
    • Newsletter deadline is September 17. Submit ideas to Jan and commit to doing so.
      • Penny- Pros and cons of canning and freezing.
      • Osha- Recipe in newsletter.
      • Justin- Trip to Peru
      • Mark- building a root cellar
      • James- tabled for later- recycling- where does it go
      • Selina didn’t get newsletter. Jan will check on it. DONE
    • Timesheets- Justin, Osha, Mark and Penny need to turn them in. James will work with them to understand timesheets etc.
    • To do list- Tabled. Shannon reminded that there are each person’s task on their user pages and they can see what their tasks are there.
      • Take off meeting agenda. DONE
      • AGREED- We will not review to do list at each meeting.
  • New Business
    • Equity adjustments- Took a loss on sale of property.
      • In order to make books balance, par value has to be at $1. Each share would be worth a percentage of $1. Loans will now be cashed in for class A shares.
      • Questions clarified
      • AGREED to negative stock split of 84.224501% on all outstanding Class A and Class B shares.
    • Class B shares issued for lost equity in sale from sharp Rd.
      • AGREED EcoReality will issue 135,996 new Class B shares, to be distributed to all outstanding Class A shareholders at the rate of 15.775499% per Class A share.
    • Open house- Saturday Sep 20 1-4pm. James do logistics, Carol do posters flyers, Osha do copy, Mark do invitation possibly. Do HTML invite?
    • Space usage- irrelevant- James put on agenda in April.
    • Lease agreement for Hay- Proposal to offer lease for hay to neighbour Gavin when current lease expires.
      • AGREED EcoReality will offer Gavin lease for hay on EcoReality property. Details and full proposal to come.
    • Strengths and improvements. Add electronically to WIKI. Do this exercise periodically in group for feedback and areas of improvement.
    • Took pee break. Reminder to put pee break in agendas. (DONE for 2008 members meetings.)
    • Tree Bressen’s workshop series- Shannon did Teleconference with other co-housing groups. 2 year series of workshops meeting face to face every couple of months. EcoR would host one workshop here and the others would be at the other communities. About improving group process skills. Thursday night to Sunday night. Have meetings where host community brings up “hairy topics” for group processing. We would have one point person on site.
      • Offsite meeting series- Whoever goes pays their own way. Participation in ongoing series is up to individuals
      • AGREED- EcoReality agrees to host session in summer of 2010. Details and full proposal to come (EcoReality would like to choose date in order to avoid members weekend).
      • Jan- Try to create way to have Tree come before and stay after so we can offer something to the public/larger community.
    • NVC workshop- Proposal to have friends do workshop. There are some local trainers and not local very expensive trainers.
      • Suggestion to do homework on NVC and move the NVC workshop to a later date.
      • Penny- met NVC facilitator. Has weekly NVC emails sent to her and will forward them to us.
    • Tree Bressen workshop registration-
      • James do logistics and registration.
      • Shannon do outreach.
      • Jan- save a couple of seats for public. Do posters and press release. Offers support for PR. ACTION: [x] Do marketing and PR for Tree Bressen event for public exposure (Jan Steinman)
    • Yoga business
      • AGREED EcoReality agrees to let Shannon use the classroom for her yoga classes.
      • Rudy will help with shelves.
    • Labour policy
      • AGREED Formally adopted Proposed labour policy
      • Take name off bottom of page
      • Mark- travel time counted for monthly hours? He’ll make proposal (request)
    • Classroom rental – self defense workshop-
      • Put discussion of classroom rental structure on teleconference. DONE
      • Date is currently open
      • Talk to carol about rental rate. DONE
    • Logistics for Adam Perry workshop
      • F&B Shannon- Selina, Penny,
      • Carol table at the door
      • Parking- Mark and Penny
      • Jan & Rudy A/V
      • Susie Anne –slow sign, no parking in 2152 driveway
    • Decision to go 10 minutes over
    • Programs deferred to teleconference
    • Discuss local eating-
      • Shannon- discussion about menu. Amended menu to get local food. Want to extend local food theme for all meals here.
      • Special requests- please mention special requests or menu changes before weekend (when menu is sent out).
  • Schedules- Teleconferences
    • Switch roles in October- Shannon facilitate. Carol record keep.
  • Check out-
    • Penny- 10 after coffee. Wide awake and present.
    • Mark- 10. Looking forward to swimming
    • Osha- 9- good and meeting went well.
    • Susie Anne- 9.7295- Headache better. Appreciate well organized meeting. These meetings recommend this place to me.
    • Molly 8- Meeting went well.
    • Selina- 9.5- great meeting. Bit tired.
    • Shannon- 10- coffee free. Grateful that we talked about what we talked about. Area for improvement is finding areas for improvement. Talk about stuff that’s not working.
    • Jan- 9.9. Had to mind store during meeting. We do good meetings. Got heart stuff out of the way in the morning.
    • Carol 8.5- Tired. Thanks for good meeting.
    • Justin- 9- good meeing. Got stuff done
    • Rudy- 10- New to meetings. This is phenomenal politics.
    • James- 10 – labour intensive taking minutes.

Meeting adjourned at 16:16

James Cowan 20:09, 1 September 2008 (PDT) penny 18:56, 5 September 2008 (PDT) Mark 18:58, 5 September 2008 (PDT)

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