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For guidelines on the editing of minutes, please see the page on the responsibilities of the recorder.

Tuesday August 26 2008: Resident's Meeting

  • Meeting brought to order at 9:06am
  • Present: James Cowan, Shannon Cowan, Jan Steinman, Carol Wagner
  • Facilitator: Carol
  • Recorder: James
  • Check in
    • Jan- 5. Thinking about what needs to get done today.
    • Carol- 7.5- Earache. Distracted.
    • Shannon- 9- distracted by sienna but happy to be back. Inspired about time of year and bountiful.
    • James- 9.5- Good time away with lots of swimming
  • Topics
    • APPROVED Aug 2 minutes, August 7 minutes
    • To do- list needs updating. Each member to update list and modify the tasks with their name beside them.
    • Room mate update. Shannon and James- no roomie now. Work on it next week. Jan and Carol- Applied for homestay host. Still getting one.
    • Discuss workshop building stewardship- Discussion about ownership, vested interest and stewardship in the building and spaces. Previous agreements still stand (Jan and Carol are vested in the shop/classroom/garage building meaning they are responsible for upkeep and retain income from rent).
    • Capoeira rent. – Have an hour rate and percentage of take rate? Carol will follow up on task. Carol will get back to James who will get back to Rudy by Sept 1.
    • Hydro bill- James will send J&C invoice for time from July 9-Aug 31.
    • Qi Gong request- EcoReality will not keep a manicured space similar to previous owners. It’s a working farm. Request for specific requests from Qi Gong Group. Ask for specifics. EcoReality will do their best to work with Qi Gong on specific times and specific requests.
    • AGREED Resident's meetings will take place at Cowan house unless prearranged otherwise.
    • Upcoming members weekend- J&S follow up with Justin & Osha and Susie Anne about arrival times. J&C have WWOOFer arriving Friday.
    • James and Jan to get shared calendars working. (DONE)
    • Schedule for the weekend:
      • Sat 11am- H2H meeting
      • Sat 2pm- Members meeting
      • Sat 4:30pm- 5pm (after meeting)- farm tour
      • Sat 6pm- Potluck
      • Sat 8pm- Movie and dance party
      • Sun 10am- Work party (cutting wood, moving soil, run cable for biodiesel, soil testing)
      • Sun 1pm- Brainstorming, wiki training
    • Next meeting- Carol facilitating, James notetaking
  • Check out:
    • Shannon- 7. grateful for patience getting through meeting with sienna
    • Carol- 8. Grateful to get through good stuff
    • Jan- 8- unhappy about meeting place switch. Happy to be working together
    • James 9- Tough sienna is needy

Meeting adjourned 9:56am

Submitted by James Cowan 13:14, 29 August 2008 (PDT)

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