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Friday 22 August 2008: Member's Teleconference

  • Meeting brought to order at 19:04
  • Present: James Cowan, Shannon Cowan, Jan Steinman, Carol Wagner, Mark Stiffler, Penny Pobieke, Osha Roller, Justin Roller
  • Facilitator: Justin
  • Recorder: James
  • Check in
    • Justin- bad fall, broke nose and foot, in cast, in good shape, no meningitis
    • Jan- Busy fixing server problems that are more painful, want to get calendar up. Meet with Jim Pasuta on Mon.
    • Carol- WWOOFer there, good to be back from Oregon, market tent is set up and hopes to have it all setup by tomorrow.
    • Osha- Lily and her went to Oregon for a week to see her dad. Beautiful and relaxing. Good to get closer to that side of her family. Enjoying bits and pieces of summer.
    • Penny- Went back to work full time this week. Glad to see rain while she’s at work ☺ Tomatoes are red. Looking forward to next weekend.
    • Mark- Looking forward to next weekend. Looking forward to pitching in.
    • James- In Ontario with Shannon's family. Good to have some time away and swim in lake. Looking forward to being home.
    • Shannon- Lovely meeting with family today. First family meeting since 1994. Really good to say what’s on minds and hearts. Blessed to have family helpful in getting us out to Ontario for this visit. Looking forward to seeing everyone next weekend.
  • Topics
    • Newsletter- Jan- Going out tonight. Deadline for articles was last week.
    • Sale of Sharp road- Jan- wrinkles to be worked out. Meeting with lawyer on Monday. Closing on Wednesday. Sellers lawyer on Sharp rd wanted to deduct full value of GST. We have a GST number so it looks like we’ll pay more like $3,000 rather than the $35,000 their lawyers were asking for.
    • Tying up loose ends for next weekend- Penny- mark and her plan on taking ferries on Friday and hitching to ferry. Will need ride on Monday morning to earliest ferry.
      • James and Shannon- white house- James, Shannon, Sienna, Susie Anne, Morris, Jessie, Osha, Justin, Lily, Justin’s Mom, Justin’s Grandma,
      • Jan and Carol- Yellow house- Jan, Carol, Penny and Mark (VVG), Selina and daughter. Possibly has extra space.
    • Shannon- Tree Bressen:
      • Everyone- Please add comments to wiki brainstorm: Strengths and improvements for EcoReality business meetings
      • Look on Aug 8 teleconf minutes for link to page.
      • Tree’s travel budget- we did thumb up the travel budget but the prices have gone up. New total is $33 each if 20 people take the workshop ($66 each if 10 people take the workshop).
      • James will discuss at members meeting and discuss final price with participants.
  • Check out
    • Justin- looking forward to next weekend
    • Osha- great to hear people’s voices
    • Shannon- 10- looking forward to next weekend
    • James- Thank you everyone. Looking forward to seeing everyone next weekend.
    • Carol- Will be great to have people here eating out of the garden.
    • Jan- What will be different is that we’ll have title to the property we’re living on.
    • Penny- Good to hear people’s voices. Looking forward to meeting the goats.
    • Mark- 2nding or 9thing the comments about reconnecting. Excited about seeing how we put on the new event. Wants to help with coordinating event with Shannon.

Ended 19:38

Submitted by James Cowan 07:10, 24 August 2008 (PDT)

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