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For guidelines on the editing of minutes, please see the page on the responsibilities of the recorder.

Saturday 2 August 2008: Resident's Meeting

  • Meeting brought to order at 9:45am
  • Present: James Cowan, Shannon Cowan, Jan Steinman, Carol Wagner
  • Facilitator: Carol
  • Recorder: James
  • Check in
    • Carol 9, Full plate, glad to be here.
    • James: 9... and rising. Full plate, can’t see the plate through the boxes.
    • Shannon: 8. Up since 5:30am working on business plan for yoga. Glad to have concentrated work time this morning. Looking forward to potluck today.
    • Jan: 8. Love to see relatives, but it’s a distraction. Full plate, too much happening.
  • Topics:
    • Residents email- If not name@ecoreality.org then has to be approved by Jan. This email currently goes to the 4 resident/members. Will add more residents (members or otherwise) to the list when appropriate.
    • Management of projects
      • When to create a project page on wiki: If projects will take longer than one day or will involve multiple people. (Reminder- you can create a project page by putting [[Category:Projects]] at the bottom of a page).
      • When to create a task page on wiki: For small to intermediate tasks that are not projects.
        • Reminder- you can create a task by using:
          '''ACTION:''' <tasks>[x] THIS IS EXAMPLE TEXT. (NAME HERE)</tasks>) Note that the number in brackets can be blank, 1, 2, 3, or X. (X means complete)
      • Note to update personal list of tasks on each home page
        Tasks accepted by you automagically show up via link on your home page -- no updating required. --Jan Steinman 20:22, 7 August 2008 (PDT)
      • Future project of budgeting or looking at budget of administration hours- Going to need some infrastructure- low priority, bad weather day in off season. Currently there is no budget for admin hours.
      • James and Shannon will submit hours at the end of month to Carol but Carol does not need to enter in to database. Database entry can happen once user interface is up and hours can be entered retroactively.
      • Shannon agreed to make project page for soil testing.
    • Hydro bill from James and Shannon.
      • AGREED The co-op will pay $65 of the past bill (June 1- July) and also $2 per day from July 8-August 1.
      • AGREED J&C will pay $2 per day to J&S for Hydro used in Shop, garage and classroom from August 1 until power meters are installed. Adjustments may be required if meters are not installed and there is a significant change in power draw (heat turned on).
    • Settling with guests.
      • ACTION: [x] create EcoReality guest slips for each house. (Carol Wagner)
    • Potlucks- Everyone is encouraged to contribute. Encourage guests to contribute food, instead of paying into guest meals for potluck meals.
    • Rudy- Rent paid at the beginning of every month. Rent goes to co-op.
      • ACTION: [x] Put kill-a-watt on Rudy's cord. (Jan Steinman)
      • Reminder to invite Rudy to resident meetings and potlucks (note- James did invite him for the week of Aug 4-10)
    • Porta potty- James to ask about ownership and servicing costs (note- James did talk to resident Rudy about it and the Qi Gong group owns it and pays for the servicing).
    • Interest payment to 3 Point for the month of August- Brainstormed by residents, to be proposed at next members teleconference.
      • Proposal- James and Shannon will loan the co-op the interest payment (approx $3700). The co-op will pay back the loan with interest (Passbook interest rate to be confirmed by Carol) within 5 years.
      • ACTION: [x] Determine passbook interest rate for James and Shannon loan. (Carol Wagner)
    • WWOOFers-
      • AGREED WWOOFers will continue to be sponsored by residents. The co-op will not be paying for meals and lodging.
      • NOTE- There is a long term goal of the co-op managing the WWOOFers and compensating the houses who feed and shelter them. Also in the long term goal is a self contained WWOOFer kitchen and area to tent/sleep.
    • AGREED If a WWOOFer does childcare- The parents of the children compensate the household that is housing the WWOOFer.
    • AGREED Jan and Carol will collect revenue from Classroom and pay utilities (from August 1).
    • James and Shannon monthly payment to co-op for use/ownership of dwelling. Tabled- Amount to be determined based on sale of sharp road and repayment of loan in the form of class A shares. We need to determine what the amount of principal is and what amount of the interest can be worked off (it’s one of the only co-op revenue streams for operational income).
    • Capitol Improvements- Co-op improvements-
      • AGREED (again) Class A shares for materials. Class B shares for labour. Infrastructure improvements can be counted as co-op hours.
    • Members weekend- (NOTE- SEE EMAIL PROPOSAL FROM SHANNON) Agreed to be presented to members:
      • Off site members can claim any working hours on site as part of monthly hours.
      • Off site members will pay for meals and lodging. No WWOOFing.
      • Residents will split guests and meals equally
    • Privacy- Please announce yourself when entering a house.
      • If the door is locked, please respect privacy.
      • If you wish for privacy, please lock the door.
    • AGREED Resident meetings will be Monday mornings in September.
    • Resident's travel- Carol in Oregon from August 8-14, James and Shannon in Ontario Aug 14-25.
  • Check out
    • Carol – 8.5, needs to go to the bathroom
    • Jan- 7-7.5, meeting went too long
    • Shannon 9, physically tired, mentally clear. Thank you.
    • James- 9, taking minutes is a workout. Grateful for working together.
  • Meeting adjourned at 11:40am

-- respectfully submitted, James Cowan 15:32, 4 August 2008 (PDT)

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