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For guidelines on the editing of minutes, please see the page on the responsibilities of the recorder.

Saturday 28 June 2008: Member's Meeting

  • Meeting brought to order: 14:09
  • Present: members: James Cowan, Shannon Cowan, Justin Roller, Osha Roller, Jan Slakov, Jan Steinman, Mark Stiffler, Carol Wagner, (regrets: Penny Pobiecke), guests: Jeremy, Susie Anne Bartsch, Dorothy Heath, Selina Jansen.
  • Facilitator: James
  • Recorder: Jan
  • Check in and quick introductions
  • Old business
    • Agenda approved with one addition: #1: Rudy Siegers rental proposal.
    • 31 May, 2 June, 4 June minutes approved.
    • Time sheets
      • All members turned in time for May.
      • ACTION: [x] Send format out for time logging. (Jan Steinman)
    • Stewards' Council
      • Review of stewardship and request that new members give some serious thought to what resource they want to speak in behalf of.
        • Mark: interested in publicity
      • Ecology steward: (Shannon)
        • Report on ongoing carrying capacity and agricultural labour needs
          • Carrying capacity: need to look at Permaculture, and how it may differ from conventional farm labour needs.
          • Labour needs: complete, but wants to integrate with the carrying capacity study when that is complete.
      • Program steward (James) and Group process steward: (Shannon)
        • Working toward alternatives to violence workshop, and workshop with Tree Bressen.
      • Finance steward: (Carol)
        • Recent income/expense statement circulated, $3,894.53 in checking account.
        • ACTION: [x] All members will make sure Carol has a completed financial disclosure. (Carol Wagner)
      • Communication steward: (Jan)
        • Noted 3-5 serious queries per week.
        • Creation of first committee to support the Communication Steward.
        • Working toward delegating more tasks.
        • May spin off initial WWOOFer queries, since they are mostly boilerplate.
  • Break 14:57
  • Resume 15:01
  • New business
    1. (new agenda item) proposal to allow Rudy Sieger to park his camper on the property.
      • Shannon: concern expressed about legality.
        • Jan: it is not legal to rent such space on a permanent basis. We are allowed to run a campground, and we are allowed to house temporary agriculture workers.
      • Osha: concern about unsightliness.
        • Jan: will evaluate. Suggest parking behind SE end of barn to minimize visibility from road, or it could go behind Moby when it moves in.
      • Shannon: concern about his privacy and possible conflicts with our activities.
        • Jan: will express this concern to Rudy.
      • Justin: it's not about the money; it's about what Rudy can do for us as an agricultural labourer.
      • AGREED: Rudy can park his camper on a trial basis, and will perform agricultural labour and pay between $100 and $300 per month. He will require only electricity and access to water.
        • ACTION: [x] Jan will create a simple written agreement that specifies Rudy's habitation is for agricultural labour purposes and that it is on a month-to-month basis, depending on how much agricultural labour we need. This is specifically not an RTA, since this is for agricultural worker housing only, not permanent residence. (Jan Steinman)
    2. Discuss Permaculture design (tabled)
    3. Discuss and agree on a dwelling equity formula
      • Discussion regarding fairness, generality.
      • Osha: concern raised about rushing a decision that may impact future residents
        • Jan:
          1. This had been in review for several months,
            • Osha: but we weren't involved!
          2. Time is of the essence, since James and Shannon will begin living here in less than a month.
        • Agreed to continuously review and refine the formula.
      • AGREED: to the dwelling equity formula as presented, on a trial basis, to be reviewed no later than six months from now (December '08)
      • ACTION: [x] Jan will revise the dwelling equity page, subject to review by members. (Jan Steinman)
    4. Discuss and agree on residential labour commitment.
      • Jan Slakov: difficult to commit to ten hours a month for non-residential labour commitment.
        • James: pointed out that meetings, dealing with email, etc. all count.
      • AGREED: EcoReality resident members agree to 30 hours per month (roughly one hour per day) of labour toward approved projects. This includes meeting time, planning & preparation, time spent on reading and replying to EcoReality email, stewardship responsibilities, and other projects that are approved by the membership from time to time. As with the current convention, time over 30 hours is not to be "banked" without prior approval of a steward with a labour budget or by general membership.
    5. Tough choices to make regarding Sharp Road.
      • Absolute worse case, less than 10% probability: Sharp Road doesn't sell, no bank will loan to us, seller refuses an extension, we lose our deposit, and move back to Sharp Road.
      • If offer accepted on Sharp Road but the dates don't line up, it is much more likely a bank will "bridge" finance for us, and much more likely seller will extend closing, especially if we sweeten our deposit at that time.
      • A benefactor has offered to bridge us at below market rates.
        • Will require security on title.
        • Other details unknown; Jan will pursue.
    6. Begin planning for open house, September? (tabled)
    7. Briefly review schedules- Travel, videoconference dates, changes to potlucks etc.
      • James & Shannon moving in 24 July, gone for the weekend, back 27 July, in Ontario Aug 13-27.
      • Jan at O.U.R. July 14-28, then Jan to/from Michigan August 6-29, Carol August 6-21.
      • Justin taking over teleconf organization temporarily: Friday @ 7PM.
  • Confirm facilitator for next meeting
    • Reminder: July Members' Meeting is cancelled
    • Carol will facilitate, James will record.
    • This is the last meeting of the quarter; Carol is slated to begin facilitation in July through September, with James recording. Justin (facilitator) and Jan (recorder) will do the July 7 teleconference, since neither Carol nor James will be available.
  • Closing (not recorded)
  • Meeting adjourned at 16:31

-- respectfully submitted, Jan Steinman 19:29, 30 June 2008 (PDT)

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