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For guidelines on the editing of minutes, please see the page on the responsibilities of the recorder.

Sunday 09 December 2007: Member's Meeting

  • Meeting brought to order: 1:10 pm
  • Present: James Cowan, Shannon Cowan, Jan Steinman, Carol Wagner.
  • Facilitator: Jan
  • Recorder: Carol
  • Check in
    • Shannon: 9, present in the house, but a bit cold (after thought) Shannon shared that she and James also had thoughts about renters leaving
    • Carol: just a 9
    • Jan: 7, distracted after class, neighbor complaining about roosters, dismayed that renters are leaving and not interested it the co-op
    • James: 9 as well, present, also aware of the changes in the midst
    • Agenda approved
  • Old business
    • Add to new business - cottage, heart to heart & monthly update
    • Minutes for July, August, September & November - Approved
    • Finance report - no report presented - Carol will provide later - James asked for better finance reports that he and Shannon could understand better. Carol offered a month to month comparison.
    • Time sheets - none turned in at meeting - everyone agreed that it is hard to keep track of hours - Jan asked if we could do better so that we could have a history.
    • Accommodations - Family members to pay or not pay - Shannon thinks that family members should pay something - Jan says that he remembers that they would be treated as woofers. Everyone but members pay the $10 per night, plus meals - all agree Shannon brought up the amount that they pay - Jan has offered that all woofer hours from October & November for James & Shannon be carry forward to December. Carol agreed
      • AGREED: everyone but members pay $10 per night, plus meals -- including family.
    • Discussion regarding use of space be moved to heart circle or to February meeting that has that theme
    • Open items -
      • Finalize and publish 2008 meeting schedule, programs, and activities - Jan asked James if he wanted to continue as program steward. James will do a program check list, with 2 categories - small short workshops and weekend long workshops. The following people will take on the following months as program steward: January theme - Shannon, February - James, March - Carol. Shannon suggests that prior to Jan 26 meeting that everyone look at monthly themes and let James know which ones they would like to take on for the rest of the year.
      • Discuss Farm Care Schedule project page - Shannon made a project page for farm care schedule on wiki - areas that need management with steps - tasks, resources and activity - lists, time needs. At next video conference (4 January, Friday night) have a brain storm session about the areas & tasks. Set up like a "Gantt Chart"
      • Review to do list - Jan suggested that everyone can check list and send on e-mail when items are completed
  • New business
    • Discuss welcome letter - James would like to see the welcome letter as a short introduction and all pertinent information in a notebook that is easily accessible and directed towards the type of stay. Carol will work on this task.
    • Briefly review schedules - Regularly scheduled video conferences will be on Friday nights - the first it 2008 - 4 January. All other dates on the calender are approved except for July.
    • New items:
      • Cottage - due to notice from Christopher & Natasha leaving, Brian & Arielle have been asked if they are interested. Everyone will think of things to ask B & A
      • Heart to heart - Will try to schedule it in tonight after potluck - no later than 9 pm
      • Monthly update - James asked if it was OK - Jan & Carol said Yes! Jan requested that it be put out at least 1 week prior to their arrival on Salt Spring - all agreed
    • Usually facilitator, recorder, et. al. would change it January. Jan will continue as will Carol & James
  • Check out:
    • Shannon - 9 - not satisfied with Farm Care discussion because of Sienna's needs. Not ready to talk about cottage rental until they can talk about their
    • James - 9.5 grateful that we are caught up with the minutes and there is nothing pressing.
    • Jan - closer to a 9 - letting go that things come up that are not scheduled, but it makes it hard to plan
    • Carol - 8 glad for the discussions and that we are moving forward
  • Meeting adjourned at 3:12

-- respectfully submitted, Carol Wagner 17:31, 9 December 2007 (PST)

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