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For guidelines on the editing of minutes, please see the page on the responsibilities of the recorder.

Saturday 24November 2007: Member's Meeting

  • Meeting brought to order: 10:10
  • Present: James Cowan, Shannon Cowan, Jan Steinman, Carol Wagner.
  • Facilitator: Jan
  • Recorder: Carol
  • Check in
    • Shannon: 9.5, glad all gathered for meeting clear headed - work towards clearer communications - looking forward to heart circle
    • Carol: 6.5 trying to be present
    • Jan: 7, too much going on
    • James: 9, rested looking forward to business and diving in
  • Old business
    • Add to new business -request for class b shares for lighting in carport and purchase of blue berry plants, general discussion about agreements
    • No minutes posted since July - tabled approval of all previous months minutes until posted
    • Finance report - just hydro and phone bill - approved
    • Shannon and james work records not turned in, nor Carol & Jan's
    • 2008 schedule - J & S proposed members meeting last saturday of every month with possible video conferences June & July
    • James has a draft list of themes and will add to wiki
    • ACTION: [x] Add to next month review new schedule of monthly themes. (James Cowan)
    • Shannon is working on possible internship, research program for students next summer
    • ACTION: [x] Jan will check with his sister, Gretchen about next summers plans regarding when we will be here. (Jan Steinman)
    • ACTION: [x] Review to do list - tabled and needs to be updated by Jan. (Jan Steinman)
  • New business
    • Jan - newsletter taking too much time(14 hrs last time) - where do we want to go with it. Shannon said that some people have commented that they have missed it - she feels that it is important to continue to keep the links to others and suggests quarterly. James agrees, with monthly updates, maybe a template that is updated with current info. Shannon would like to help edit the formal newsletter (suggested 2 of the 4 - and get training from Jan about formatting).
    • James will do a short monthly update starting 1 December Quarterly newsletter March, June, September, December deadline for information 15th of month prior
    • AGREED: Set AGM date - 29 March
    • James has removed advisory council meeting planning from the agenda.
    • ACTION: [x] Shannon to look for minutes that state whether or no family pays when visiting. (Shannon Cowan)
    • Ecovillage Network of Canada (ENC) Survey - Carol to pass survey around and then e-mail before Nov 30 - Done!
    • Jan requests class B shares for approx $75 for motion sensor light installed in shop carport - all agreed.
    • Carol request for reimbursement of $25 for renewal of EcoReality domain name for 2 years - all agreed.
    • ACTION:
    • Shannon - feeling out of integrity with what we say we will do and it is not happening. Keeping our word when we say we will, reasons don’t matter, that we do what we say we will or to let everyone know that we cannot keep our agreements.
    • The idea of having a buddy to remind us of our commitments - not to imply guilt, but to just check in. It could be an e-mail or phone call weekly that asks “how is your word?” Everyone will find there own buddy!
    • James to change the meetings to say 8 December instead of 1 December.
  • Closing
    • Shannon, 9.5 needs bathroom break - clear in heart center - feeling calm in our home. Wants to lead yoga today depending on Sienna. Inspired to keep her word. (See The Four Agreements)
    • James, 9.5 good to have clear list and inspired to keep agreements
    • Jan, 8 headache grateful to Shannon for bringing up topic on integrity
    • Carol 8 grateful for the discussion and for everyone
  • Meeting adjourned at 11:45

-- respectfully submitted, Carol Wagner 21:18, 28 November 2007 (PST)

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