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For guidelines on the editing of minutes, please see the page on the responsibilities of the recorder.

Saturday 2 June 2007: Member's Meeting

  • Meeting brought to order: 10:07
  • Present: James Cowan, Shannon Cowan, Jan Steinman, Carol Wagner.
  • Facilitator: Shannon
  • Recorder: Jan
  • Check in
    • Carol: 9.25, grateful for garage sales and lots of other stuff.
    • Shannon: 9 & 2/3rds, grateful for J&C's loving joking with each other and growing interconnectedness and integration of farm operations.
    • Jan: 8, often seems like too much going on, grateful for Shannon's perspective that things are progressing.
    • James: 9 & 29/32nds, grateful J&C don't have "real jobs" so that they can keep on top of farm stuff.
  • Old business
    • Agenda approved with additions:
      • WWOOFer from Egypt
    • Approved May minutes
    • Approved March minutes
    • Approved February special meeting minutes
    • Finance report presented
      • balance: $948.47
      • James: expressed confusion about which expenses were farm and which were co-op.
      • Carol: this is a year-to-date report, and so includes both, since the switch-over was in May.
      • AGREED: future monthly finance reports will be for the past month, not YTD.
    • Review to do list
      • ACTION: Jan will update 6 to do list items as completed, stricken, or modified:
        • walkway complete
        • James contacted Tom Woods (water management guy)
        • James completed membership FAQ, but needs link fixed
          • Jan: I am not checking this off at this time. It has not been approved by members, and has some fundamental conflicts with our coop rules. Request that James review it against the coop rules and submit it for approval before check-off.
        • remove duplicate of above
        • Carol garden newsletter article
        • Shannon food security newsletter article
  • New business
    • Shannon: Lavender project report
      • AGREED: plan approved, subject to continued refinement
    • AGREED: to issue Jan 276 Class A investment shares for expense of installing a gutter on the north side of shop, to be balanced by $276 increase in value of real estate.
    • Carol & Jan: logo presented for approval, TABLED until later today, as we couldn't locate the on-line copy
    • Jan: presented resumé of Yosra Oweiss, who is interested in internship
      • Jan: unsure of what is expected from us of interns
      • ACTION: Jan will answer, asking for clarification.
    • Newsletter plans:
      • Shannon will write about lavender marketing
      • Carol will write about garden planning
      • James will write about a lavender work party or workshop
      • Jan will review month's happenings and attempt to tie the other articles together.
      • Jan: realizes last month's deadline was tight, but requested that articles be in on time this month, since there are other time pressures at that time as well.
    • Workshop planning:
      • nothing special this month, birthday party is workshop. :-)
      • September: Preserving and Processing
        • ACTION: Carol will steward this workshop, and will come up with at timeline together with James
      • late October: Diana Leafe Christian will come to BC
        • need to coordinate with YES about dates, expenses.
      • James: reminder that website has event timeline to follow.
      • Shannon: request that James take more pro-active role in assuring timeline is followed.
    • Future date conflicts
      • as J&C did in July, J&S have numerous time conflicts for the rest of the year
      • discussion about having regular meetings, as opposed to ad-hoc scheduling to fit our schedules
        • AGREED: it is important to maintain some semblance of regularity in our activities, if we want and expect greater community involvement, but to take this as a goal, not an absolute requirement.
      • ACTION: J&S will analyze their date conflicts for the rest of the year, with the goal of establishing a new regular meeting date that will meet most of their needs, to be reported by end of their June trip.
  • Closing
    • Confirmed roles for the next month: facilitator: Shannon, recorder: Jan, time-keeper: Carol.
    • Check out:
      • Jan: 9, good meeting, reminder to defer facilitation role to someone else when facilitator has another role (presenter, advocate) on any particular item.
      • Shannon: 9 & 2/3rds, good clarity, good willingness to work out stuff, acknowledged Candace for baby sitting -- very grateful for the break.
      • Carol: 9, grateful for how meetings go, and for how we work out our differences.
      • James: 9 & 15/16ths, appreciate the roles we've created, good to have meeting end on time, regular video conferencing is helping, sad to be away between now and late July.
  • Meeting adjourned at 11:40

-- respectfully submitted, --Jan Steinman 13:30, 10 June 2007 (PDT)

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