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Monday 5 March 2007: Special Members Meeting on Assessments

  • Meeting brought to order: 2000
  • Old business
    • Context: continued discussion from the monthly members' meeting on ways to cover operational deficits in a manner that recognizes labour inequities.
      • AGREED: we will keep careful records of labour spent on EcoReality projects, for at least March and April, using the time sheets created by Carol.
      • ACTION: [x] Contact the Advisory Council and solicit advice on equitable ways of handling this situation (James Cowan)
      • AGREED: as a trial for March 2007, we will assess each member dues of $300, or 20 hours of labour, or any combination of the two, with labour valued at $15 per hour. Cash portions are to be paid by the April Members' Meeting; labour portions are to be completed within the month of March.
      • At Jan's request, we re-affirmed a prior agreement that Jan will create a time-logging system on the wiki, and will count his time toward that as work on an approved project.
    • Biodiesel processor workshop
      • Cost set at $40, including lunch
      • Jan will create syllabus
      • Invite Kelly to facilitate
      • offer instructor 60/40 split of the take after expenses
      • advertising
        • e-mailing in the next week or two
        • poster in Ganges
  • Meeting adjourned: 2130

-- respectfully submitted, Jan Steinman 22:58, 5 March 2007 (PST)

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