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For guidelines on the editing of minutes, please see the page on the responsibilities of the recorder.

Saturday, 3 March 2007: Membership Meeting

  • Meeting brought to order: 10:10
  • Check in:
    • James - 9 - lack of sleep; he & Shannon have obseerved Jan & Carol in their loving attitude and their happy experiences working with WWOOFers.
    • Shannon - 10 - Grateful for yoga, time to review agenda, to her Dad for support & interest in what we are doing, James for scheduling & communication; is present & aware to listening & judgements in her head.
    • Jan - 9 - grateful for James & Shannon, inspired by the WWOOFers-gotten outside, pack agenda to track items
    • Carol - 9 - grateful for Jan & our life together and for the upcoming work party
  • Old business
    • Approve agenda - Approved
    • February 3rd minutes approved
    • Finance Report:
      • Balance $1250.96
      • Water tax bill due $195.50
      • Carol & Jan have bills in the amount of $655.50 not including $272.31 for biodiesel materials
    • action[x] checklist for welcoming WWOOFers to be put on wiki (Shannon Cowan)
    • action[x] will make template for tracking costs & meals (Shannon Cowan)
    • action[x] will make timesheet for WWOOFers, maps & welcome letter done (Shannon Cowan)
    • Review to do list:
      • rock path - in process
      • watt hour meter - Jan is researching prior to putting on cottage
      • master bath - tile removed to access valves, valves opened, tile replaced; grouting and sealer to be done.
      • rotted base plate - leak in water main pipe needs to be repaired first
      • vapor barrier under cottage - Not done
      • grant for wiki -[x] contact Jan Taylor (Jan Steinman)
      • logo - will ask new cottage tenant, Natasha, to do in exchange for rent trade
      • Jan to update task list and delete deplicate items
    • Review membership application - on hold
  • Wellness break
  • New business
    • Operational assessments - Jan - there is a need for more money & labour in the co-op
      • Shannon - thought that the proposal was equitable, math was OK, and showed fairness. She proposed that members pay for meals & track hours worked for approved projects with the intent to make all members feel included.
      • James - treat all work as WWOOFers
      • Jan - to make the percentage based on a month to month basis, yet hours worked continue to accrue.
      • should there be incentives or not
      • Look to others for input
      • Carol - Proposed that we adopt Shannon's proposal that members pay for meals and track hours worked and use toward assessment. To be finalized within context of original proposal.
      • Jan - explicit that hours are monthly and accumulate.
    • Carol & James to talk about budget
  • 1200 Lunch Break
    • Jan presents alternatives to the operational assessment, which we are going to think about and will revisit on Monday, 5 February, at 8 PM
    • Ratify standing proposals
      • Pet Policy - Ratified
      • Population Policy - Ratified
      • Finance - Ratified
      • Governance - Ratified
      • Meeting structure - moved off to discussion page
      • Observer definition - Ratified
      • Privacy policy - Ratified
      • Recreational intoxicants - Ratified
      • Resident definition - Ratified
      • Steward definition - Ratified
    • 2007 Programs - James
      • what happened to the brainstorming session for programs that was written on the white board?
      • Carol suggested that maybe a picture was taken
      • James - Diana workshop - needs to clarify - share her plane fare with Yarrow & Langera?
      • Carol - idea for Brandon to come give a workshop on berm building
      • James will come forward with a list
      • Sunday, 15 April - Biodiesel workshop - brewing a batch
      • Sunday, 4 March - wiring the processor
      • Carol will move peach tree to make way for one of the tanks
      • Jan propossed that the garden fencing down by the creek be moved to the west edge of the lavender to start enclosing the house & garden area to keep out deer. A financial budget needs to be setup for this. This will be a capital improvement.
      • Breached Dam - proposed reconstruction - Jan will cost out expenses
    • Newsletter reminder
      • Jan - suggests a monthly theme
      • Shannon - [x] newsletter article on food security (Shannon Cowan)
      • James - [x] newsletter article on Diana's workshop (James Cowan)
      • Carol - [x] newsletter article on garden ideas - planting plans, cold frames, care of seeds (Carol Wagner)
    • Advisory council meeting planning
      • Shannon - brainstorm about themes, include WWOOFers
      • Work party planning
        • Carol move peach tree
        • wiring biodiesel
        • site survey
        • garden beds
        • move old garden bed frames to use as cold frames
    • Green Seed Fund
      • Carol to call and get clarification on the application & Jan to help with technical details
      • Discussion about water bill when water is used for the garden. Average the winter months and use that for basis.
    • Community Ed classes - Carol & Jan would like to teach classes here and will charge Comm. Ed a fee for the space. Jan will look into riders on the insurance policy
    • Jan - grape arbor west of kitchen - $200 for materials, 20 huors design, 20 hours building. Will get class A shares for materials.
  • Wrapup at 3:43
    • Carol facilitator for next members meeting
    • Shannon recorder for next members meeting
  • Check out
    • Shannon - 8.5 - feeling enthusiastic, present, a bit overwhelmed, grateful for stamina, for focus & awareness of more people potentially being in the group; from time to time we need to reread our vision; excited about themes and programs
    • James - 10 - awake, things to do, read, plan; appreciate ideas & willingness to work with them
    • Jan - 9 - grateful for ability to discuss contencious issues; feels tension and wish James & Shannon were here full time
    • Carol - 9 - grateful for being able to work with James & Shannon

Saturday 3 March 2007: Advisory council Meeting

Themes-- An Advisory Council Group brainstorm on meeting themes

Present: James Cowan, Shannon Cowan, Jan Steinman, Carol Wagner, Candace Cowan, Candice Duchesse, Galaad Perrier, Dave Atkins.

Facilitator: Shannon Cowan

Action: Jan Steinman proposed at the Members meeting today, which you can read in the minutes, that EcoReality could have a monthly 'theme' around which to base its newsletter, activities, programming, workparties, education, communal meals, etc.

All the members agreed and we chose to involve the WWOOFers and visitors to EcoReality today in a group brainstorm on meeting themes. Shannon Cowan facilitated the session, and she split the group into two, gave each person a pack of sticky notes and a pen, and invited folks to write down their ideas one at a time on the notes. They discussed ideas with their group members, and some sought clarification and advice for wording, etc. Shannon mounted all the notes on the whiteboard and began to cluster them into categories as she did so. After 20 minutes of brainstorming, the entire group de-briefed on the results. Shannon removed doubles (ie. where more than one sticky note suggested nearly the same theme idea) and proceeded to describe the clusters and get whole group feedback. Each person then came to the whiteboard and ranked their top choices for themes by writing a number (anonymously) on the sticky notes (#1 being most important, up to #20 as least important).

Results: see Group brainstorm on meeting themes

"Respectfully submitted by Shan 14:11, 4 March 2007 (PST)

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