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Saturday, 2 December 2006: Membership Meeting

  • Meeting brought to order: 10:19
  • Check in:
    • Shannon: 8, grateful for peaceful place, blessed to be able to be together, challenged by lack of sleep.
    • James: 9, also challenged by lack of sleep, affected by seasons, challenged by being so technology-reliant, excited to go through holidays with a baby.
    • Carol: 9, grateful for place and inhabitants, travel to Portland is dreary, glad to be back , happy with our new home.
    • Jan: 7, distracted by many things, overwhelmed at tasks ahead, looking forward to getting stuff done.
  • Old business
    • Approve agenda
      • New agenda items proposed:
        • Shan: stretch break in the middle of the meeting; approved
        • Jan: energy efficiency expenses; approved.
        • Carol: possessions and community use; approved.
        • Jan: Diana Leafe Christian workshop scheduling/planning; approved.
      • Agenda approved
    • November 4 minutes conditionally approved.
      • Shannon will add provisional member proposal to minutes of Nov 7th.
    • Finance report:
      • Hydro bill: $206.01.
      • $917.72 in checking account.
      • Fibiger check not cleared,
        • AGREED: we will not send any more payments until either the first check clears, or she contacts us. Unless check clears, we have no agreement on payment terms.
      • ACTION: [x] Carol will generate historical report/budget for feeding people. (Carol Wagner)
    • Jan: fire extinguisher mount -- half done, need to locate hanger for community room extinguisher.
    • James: FAQ on wiki: in process
  • Stretch break
  • New business
    • Energy efficiency report
      • AGREED: coop to pay for grout sealer for member bath tilework.
      • AGREED: coop to pay for water heater wraps as needed by the three heaters on site.
      • AGREED: coop to pay for floor insulation at a cost not to exceed the grant amount.
      • AGREED: coop to issue Class B shares to members who supply existing materials as needed to implement the energy efficiency recommendations. (Jan & Carol have caulk, outlet gaskets, and some weather stripping.)
      • AGREED: coop to issue Class B shares to Jan & Carol for the CFBs they've already installed.
      • AGREED: coop to pay for additional weather stripping materials as needed.
    • Advisory Council meeting planning
      • Not expecting a crowd; ad lib if all new people.
    • Work Party planning
      • Prep for vapor barrier and insulation
      • Ceiling wiring for closet and cabinet lighting.
    • AGREED: Kitchen logbook to be established where people can note things like broken crockery, borrowed food, needed maintenance, etc.
      • ACTION: [x] Carol will implement a kitchen logbook. (Carol Wagner)
    • 2007 meeting schedule
      • ACTION: [x] James will enter next year's schedule on wiki. (James Cowan)
    • Diana Leafe Christian workshop
      • Diana wants to do a two-day workshop, with possible Friday evening at some other venue, willing to do it for a cut of the take, after expenses, much like how we sponsored Kelly.
      • ACTION: [x] James will book DLC and manage the process. (James Cowan)
  • Closing
    • Carol: 9, happy with meeting, appreciates everyone listening to her rants and concerns.
    • Jan: 9, it's good to work with James & Shannon.
    • Shannon: 8, hungry and tired, glad to leanr about energy audit, we're making good choices, will be good to have Diana back and to have more folks involved.
    • James: 9, good to do business, appreciate Carol's concerns, bring up any time.
  • Meeting adjourned, 12:08.
Respectfully submitted, Jan Steinman 02:21, 18 December 2006 (PST)

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