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Tuesday, 7 November 2006: Membership Meeting

  • Meeting brought to order: 10:07
  • Check in:
    • Carol: 9.5, excited
    • Shannon: 9.5 inspired
    • James: 10, sooner we get clear what there is to "join" for new members, sooner we'll get ecovillage property and move away from the city, motivated
    • Jan: 7, overwhelmed, too much to do, meeting overload, wants organic rather than calculated approach to attracting members
  • Old business: none
  • New Agenda Item
    • request by Carol to discuss financials and sundry items (how to divide some bills for shared items among Coop and members' personal expenditures)
  • Agenda:
    • do go 'round about Diana Leafe Christian workshop Aug 19 & 20 re: membership and feelings and take away messages for our group
      • get a clear picture of the EcoReality perspective from each of our four members' individual perspectives on our membership plan, procedure and activities to garner support and new members
        • determine any action items
  • Go Round:
    • Carol recalls there was a difficulty during the DLC workshop wrt something and that after some conflict, we came to understanding
    • Jan states that once we get more settled (as a Coop, and on the personal note of J&C's recent immigration), we'll naturally be 'ready' to get more people
    • James recalls that DLC raised the issue of "ownership of homes" within the ecovillage, there was some dissension and perhaps misunderstanding when this was discussed, and the outcome was that DLC wished to communicate her guidance that we would do well to "listen to the Advisory council members who were present, since they represented *some* of the more likely potential future members of the cooperative association" James wished to discuss our clarity or lack thereof for "what there is to join" and "how much newcomers to Ecoreality might have to inform our choices and decisions"
      What ensued was a lively discussion of the existing procedure for a person to gain membership in the EcoReality Coop, and out of it we reached some very important understandings (personally) and actions (as a group) that will enable us to facilitate new memberships and also facilitate an equitable process that is simple to grasp and straightforward to follow for all involved.
      • ACTION: [x] Finance model needs updating. Jan to write up the ballpark investment plan for new members that will explain the long term budget and also identify potential investment plan, put snapshot of this on wiki linked to the FAQ page. (Jan Steinman)
      • ACTION: [x] James to modify Advisory Council Brainstorm up on whiteboard for Process and Communication and to create out of this a proposal for "guidelines in process and communication for ecoreality" that will be discussed at next members meeting, for eventual integration with the membership agreement that all members are to sign. (James Cowan)
      • ACTION: [x] James to create a FAQ on the wiki with "clear" plain english statements that will explain things like "how much will it cost?", "how long is the trial period?", and "how does a member leave if they really wish to?" etc. (James Cowan)
      • ACTION: [x] Carol to put up in the FAQ or in the member agreement page, current Operating Budget as a snapshot for outsiders to see our financial situation as a Coop (Carol Wagner)
Discussion items around "who to attract and how":
  • we are marketing as a different entity than the typical co-housing projects in the bioregion
    • we need a possibility statement for our intentions, stating that we wish to attract those who want to mold the beginnings (ie the founder types) rather than join the existing structure (for now, later want joiners)
      • ACTION: [x] All Brainstorm - start a wiki page- the people and types of workshops and events to link to Advisory Council meetings that occur monthly in order to make the most of the times that J&S come to EcoReality, and to expand our circle of awareness to new people and to reach the "founder types" (all)
      • ACTION: [x] start a wiki page for Brochure ideas for EcoReality (Jan Steinman)
      • Films of interest for Advisory Council or EcoReality workshops/evening events to host at SSI venues
      • Conferences of interest that are upcoming, and the potential for EcoReality to benefit and learn
      • List of Workshop Ideas to get more Advisory Council members involved. E.g. Speakers: Dan Jason (Saltspring Seeds), Michael Ableman (Foxglove Farm, Salt Spring Island, International author on food systems), Christopher Mare (Village Design Institute, Bellingham, WA), Jane Squier (Living Lettuce company, Salt Spring island), David Suzuki, people for fruit tree pruning and growing, herb growers, naturalists, ecologists, yoga, sustainability speakers and educators (Janet Moore, Rob VanWynsberghe, Kurt Grimm, Bill Rees)
      • ACTION: [x] Carol to print new business cards, ALL to add EcoReality.org to their email signatures (Carol Wagner)
      • ACTION: [x] Jan to facilitate/steward publication of monthly E-newsletter (Jan Steinman)
      • ACTION: ALL to write 100-200 words for monthly E-newsletter on topic of interest, in particular a topic within their stewardship areas, for starters
  • Carol's agenda items:
    • gravel for path will be ordered
    • phone services were chosen and will be paid by the Member Ratio that Jan calculated and which was agreed upon in the Members Meeting Nov 4, 2006
    • straw to be ordered locally for mulching
    • septic treatment was agreed upon and will be paid for by Coop
    • sundry items such as toilet paper and dish soap to be paid for by Member Ratio
    • Procedure for becoming a Provisional_member through to full member, written by Jan, was approved by all members at this meeting
Respectfully submitted, Shannon Cowan 03:28, 21 November 2006 (PST)

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