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Wednesday, 1 November 2006: Residents Meeting

  • Meeting brought to order: 10:27
  • Check in question: How do we feel about this space?
    • Carol: as good as it gets, not attached to yard, needs work, comfortable.
    • Shannon: feeling shift of seasons, feels different now, more home-cenetred due to weather, not ideal, confronted with things she'd like to change, a lot of letting go, appreciates how much people work together.
    • James: so grateful for this place and how it's happened so suddenly, thankful for how graceful the changes have been, overwhelmed by garden and grounds, excited to look forward to productive home and farm.
    • Jan: feeling overwhelmed and frustrated, life is not as simple as it was before, catches self retreating into non-productive activity because there are so many "priority one" things to do.
  • Agenda approved
  • New business:
    • Cottage issues
      • Daniel is painting as part of work exchange.
        • How is time logged? Need to track each month or less for clarity.
        • DECISION: we will supply Daniel with a small spiral notebook, in which he is to log time on a daily basis, recording date, hours worked, and work performed.
      • Wood storage for cottage: to be brainstormed later.
      • Power meter: do today!
      • Repair and maintenance: drawer handles: keep looking for good match
      • DECISION: we need to approve any garden or grounds usage, such as location of Daniel's greenhouses, water usage, etc.
      • Parking: Daniel needs a dry spot, and so do we.
        • DECISION: we will move Carol's Jetta to the shop carport, and clean out the cottage carport for Daniel
        • [x] Clean out shop carport for Carol's Jetta. (Jan Steinman)
        • [x] Get our stuff out of cottage carport. (Carol Wagner)
      • Internet: Daniel expressed interest. We can extend WIFI or see if there is a CAT-5 cable already installed -- there are RJ-45 connectors on the wall in both buildings. Deferred: for now, Daniel can come over to use Internet at our convenience.
      • Laundry: we will offer it to Daniel, on a schedule, when another member is here. No free access.
      • [x] Arrange a meeting with Daniel on Monday, to communicate these things (James Cowan)
    • NE Bedroom
      • Should not be used simply to increase revenue.
      • Can be rented in an extraordinary situation that we all agree on, for medium-short term only.
        • Example: if one of the people we interviewed for the cottage and liked is imminently homeless or in substandard housing.'
    • Calvin/Meredith check:
      • We had agreed to hold their check until this weekend, to see if they could work off part of it.
        • Any work-trade performed will be debited for standard meals and lodging.
    • Care schedule
      • [x] Create a care schedule with fridge magnets or existing wet-erase planning chart. (James Cowan)
    • House walk:
      • General: avoid using main portions of house for long-term storage.
      • Living/dining room:
      • Kitchen
        • [x] Carol/Shannon will label kitchen cabinets. (Carol Wagner)
        • [x] Put light in entryway closet. (Jan Steinman)
        • [x] Find suitable baskets for shelf in entryway closet. (Carol Wagner)
        • [x] Move box of music to music shelf when it gets built. (Carol Wagner)
    • Community room
      • [x] Move rowing machine to yard sale pile. (Jan Steinman)
      • [x] Move photo stuff out of community room. (Jan Steinman)
      • [x] Entertainment center to window corner of community room. (Jan Steinman)
      • [x] Closet door back on in community room after shelving goes up. (Jan Steinman)
      • [x] Replace dimmers with regular switches in community room. (Jan Steinman)
    • James/Shannon
    • Community washroom
      • [x] Put fan and lights on separate switches, inside community washroom. (Jan Steinman)
      • [x] Fix doorknob in community washroom. (Carol Wagner)
  • Meeting adjourned at 12:25

Respectfully submitted, Jan Steinman 23:24, 1 November 2006 (PST)

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