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Monday, 4 September 2006: Members Meeting

  • Meeting brought to order: 16:30
  • Check-in:
    • Carol: 8, Jan: 7-8, James: 9, Shannon: 10, Jed: 11.25, Tara: 10.
    • Shannon: heart meeting on your relationship to food; three minutes each to talk about:
      1. How was food viewed, blessed, created, prepared, etc. in your family?
      2. How is your food consumed, your habits and restrictions?
  • Old business
    1. agenda approved, with two additions:
      1. added "meeting schedule"
      2. added "Sylvia"
    2. approved August 5 minutes
    3. Finance report
      • $322.32 in bank, plus $163 cash for lavender.
      • at least that much again or so is coming for lavender yet to be delivered.
    4. Open action items
      (Due to the change in meeting date and our busy personal schedules, many open action items are incomplete, and will be moved to the next meeting.)
      1. ACTION: (March 5) ALL Finalize membership procedure
        • ACTION: (August 5) Jan implement membership procedure changes approved at 20060805-1
        Extended to October 13 meeting
      2. ACTION: (April 1) James/Shannon prepare Steward's statements for wiki and press releases
        Extended to October 13 meeting
      3. ACTION: (July 8) James to archive whiteboard onto garden log notebook DONE!
      4. ACTION: (August 5) Shannon continued lavender marketing research DONE! (Although Shannon will continue lavender marketing research on an ongoing basis.)
      5. ACTION: (July 8) ALL phone calls to Advisory Council members to invite them to Diana's workshops DONE!
      6. ACTION: (August 5) Jan will connect watt-hour meter to cottage so that electricity can be billed separately
        will commit to doing before new tenants begin in October
      7. ACTION: (August 5) Carol will re-build budget after disk crash DONE!
  • New business
    (Brief discussion; new business items were roughly prioritized to get important ones addressed this meeting.)
    1. Jan: capital improvements for Class A shares
      • AGREED: Jan is willing to invest additional Class A shares to accomplish the following:
        1. 3 each smoke detectors
        2. closet organizers and lights
        3. grape trellis building materials
        4. 15,000 gallon reservoir
        James: wants budget and plans before committing to last two items
        Jan: normally would agree, but two things make this exceptional: 1) Jan is willing to pay for the improvements for Class A shares -- not asking for others to spend money, and 2) this is one of not many trips to Oregon with a large vehicle, so expediency is called for.
        AGREED that we'll do an informal walk-through of the plans for the last two items tomorrow morning.
    2. James: reimbursement for unauthorized expenses
      • AGREED: EcoReality members will not spend money and seek reimbursement without prior agreement, unless the expense is an emergency, defined as "imminent danger of injury or property damage."
      • AGREED: James will be reimbursed for the screen and dust masks he bought without consulting the members (last time!)
    3. James: meeting schedule
      • Carol may not be able to make originally scheduled October meeting.
      • AGREED: October meeting remains Friday the 13th, but the time will be flexible in an effort to accommodate Carol.
      • AGREED: we will pay special attention to getting items on October's agenda early, so Carol can stay informed, possibly asking that items of interest to her be deferred to November.
      • Balance of year's meeting schedule is unchanged.
    4. James: cottage rental discussions
      • Tara and Jed want to rent the cottage from October through February
      • AGREED: we will meet tomorrow at 10:00 to work out the details of this rental
    5. James: creating membership possibilites, details
      • not addressed
    6. Jan: complete property tax farm status application
      • not addressed, must be in by October 31
    7. James: Sylvia
      • not addressed
    8. James: Advisory Council meeting planning
      • not addressed, plenty of time for James and Shannon to plan before the 16th
    9. James: work party planning
      • not addressed
  • Shannon will facilitate next members' meeting
  • Circle Check-out/Feedback/Appreciation
    • James: 11.26, Carol: 10, Jan: 9.5, Shannon: 11, Jed: 11.26, Tara: 10.

Meeting adjourned at 18:15.

Respectfully submitted, Janemail 22:41, 4 September 2006 (PDT)

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