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Saturday, 5 August 2006: Members Meeting

  • Meeting brought to order: 10:04 AM
  • Check-in:
    • Shannon: 10, nothing going on except excitement about meeting; looking forward to effective, efficient communication.
    • James: 10, morning swim woke him up; joy to be working together again.
    • Jan: 8, have to shift gears after being at O.U.R.
    • Carol: 9, hard switching; excited being here.
  • Old business
    1. agenda approved, with two small changes:
      • make standing agenda items for Advisory Council meeting planning and work party planning
    2. approved June 3 minutes
    3. approved July 8 minutes
    4. Finance report
      • BC Hydro is now debiting EcoReality account, although bill is still in Jan's name. They had previously told us we could not debit that account without a $495 deposit, since EcoReality had no credit history.
      • Carol set up budget categories for EcoReality accounting system.
    5. Open action items
      • ACTION: (March 5) ALL Membership issues; debate/approve the following:
      • ACTION: (April 1) ALL to prepare Steward's statements for wiki and for press releases - carry forward - All stewards statements completed by August 5th please!
        • Only one self-described "slacker" remains! Carry forward to next meeting.
      • ACTION: (May 6) Carol to create separate cost centers for: house, cottage, and grounds. DONE!
      • ACTION (July 8) James to archive whiteboard; Garden Log handwritten account on paper - to put this on wiki by Aug 5th
        • decided that James will transcribe this to the garden log notebook that Carol has established instead. Carry forward to next meeting.
      • ACTION (July 8) Shannon to investigate following about certification process:
        • what is the cost of the application for organic certification?
          • is cheaper if application is between Jan 1 and Mar 31: $386
          • $310 is application fee, $76 would be income-based portion
          • high ongoing costs of about $300 per year
          • Shannon has downloaded eight different PDF files as part of the application
        • will certified organic bring higher value to property?
          • cannot tell at the moment. Shannon reports that her lavender buyer is willing to pay more for certified organic, but can pin down exactly how much.
        • we concluded that there is no benefit to applying before January 1. Shannon will continue to track.
      • Think about starting a garden log (on the computer or in a notebook) DONE!
      • ACTION (July 8) Jan to create advertising promo for Aug 18th DLC public talk; to submit as an AD in the Driftwood, Island Tides, Advisory *email list, other bulletin boards, NICA, FIC, SEEDS, BCICA, ECONEWS, etc.
        • DONE! Press releases have been sent via email, a poster is printed.
      • ACTION (July 8) Jan to create promo for Aug 19/20th to send to Advisory Council email list
        • DONE! Jan wants to have a "reminder" email out Monday or Tuesday before.
      • ACTION (July 8) ALL MEMBERS to make phone calls to follow up with Advisory Council members and invite them to Aug 19 and 20th workshop with Diana Leafe Christian. Use the March 5 meeting notes each one of us took (not on wiki) to find your list of Advisory council members to phone. Please complete this by August 5th meeting.
        • not started, but we agreed to do this by next weekend, plus a status report and headcount by next weekend
      • cottage rental update:
        • Yoram and partner are supposed to be at todays Advisory Council meeting.
        • [x] NEW ACTION: Jan will connect watt-hour meter to cottage so that electricity can be billed separately. in progress (Jan Steinman)
        • Carol requested more discretion in giving tours to outsiders. We all agreed that each of us would use discretion and sensitivity when conducting such tours, and that house tours are for friends, relatives, and those who are serious about being in our community.
  • 11:40 New business
    1. Begin budget discussion
      • strawman figures discussed
      • [x] NEW ACTION: Carol will re-build budget after disk crash. (Carol Wagner)
    2. Jan: petition for 105 shares for items for Class B shares
      • AGREED: Carol will record shares.
    3. Advisory Council meeting planning
    4. work party planning
      • upper beds need weeding
      • lavender needs to be prepared for sale and sold
        • need to screen it to remove blossoms from stalks -- experiment with that today
        • need to bag it and store it in darkness
        • Jan has heat-sealer that can be used
  • Jan will facilitate next members' meeting
  • Circle Check-out/Feedback/Appreciation
    • Jan: 9, thanks to Shannon & James for their work!
    • Shannon: still 10, thanks for letting Sienna talk, and for letting her be a mom.
    • James: 10, great working through things together.
    • Carol: 10, meeting went well, been working on ills caused by judgement.

Meeting adjourned at 12:04.

Respectfully submitted, Janemail 13:48, 5 August 2006 (PDT)

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