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For guidelines on the editing of minutes, please see the page on the responsibilities of the recorder.

In attendance: Shannon Binns, James Cowan, Jan Steinman & Carol Wagner, Greg Greene (observer), Jean (observer)]



  • Agenda of today's meeting approved
  • Minutes approved: 20051231, 20060101, 20060209
  • During minutes approval process, all members skimmed, reviewed and clarified points
  • [x] ACTION James to follow up as steward to request notes from Feb 11 consensus workshop with Renee (James Cowan)


  • [x] Values document updating: Jan to steward this process, to email other members once completed (Jan Steinman)
    • document refinement on wiki: All members to do, make minor changes, be prepared to ratify/freeze this document next members meeting
  • Property choices for Interim Ecoreality purchase (Jan and Carol's primary residence): we reviewed all 7 that Jan, Carol and James viewed this past week
    • 1 is a possibility on SS Island, #6 with nursery is a possibility
    • Carol gave Shannon a verbal tour of #1, James shared his impressions
    • discussion followed of the priorities and all options for property-buying of this interim phase of the ecovillage
    • option 1- make an offer on one of the current 7 properties
    • option 2- wait one month for more spring real estate inventory to come up
    • option 3- J+C to live at OUR ecovillage and store their belongings in trailer parked in rented space, gives us until August to find EITHER the interim land purchase or the final land purchase (especially if membership grows over next few months)
    • Carol suggested option 1 - make an offer on the property #1 and request subject removal period of 3-4 weeks to allow for perusal of other properties that may come up before finalizing a deal
    • DECISION agreed by all four members to follow Carol's proposal and offer on property #1
  • The Long Term Land Buying Options are:
  • Current news from Brancy Gallagher: 70 acres in Cowichan valley, has old growth and elk herd
  • [x] ACTION Carol to contact Brandy and find out more details and information on this potential (Carol Wagner)
  • More about long term land buying criteria and possibilities this afternoon at Advisory meeting brainstorm and feedback session
  • Cooperative formation:
  • [x] ACTION Jan to refine the wiki coop memorandum and coop rules page to reflect any new or additional points that are available from the work Marty Frost has done with SEEDS coop agreement (Jan Steinman)
  • [x] ACTION All to look at coop rules page on wiki NOW to get familiar, then to look over refinements once Jan emails whole group that it has been completed (All)
  • Advisory Council Meeting Plan for later today:
  • Carol to facilitate
  • Brainstorm of activities we could do: non-negotiables exercise from DLC book with those present, compare to the non-negotiables list members have made, membership procedure- share the current structure bit by bit and ask for feedback and suggestions from advisory, land criteria list- share the current list and ask for feedback and suggestions.
  • Facilitator chosen for April 1 members meeting: someone to steward the venue, coordinate schedules, prep for the meeting: James agreed to facilitate next meeting
  • Meeting Adjourned

Minutes March 5, 2006

  • Considering our attendees, we chose to do some brainstorming to make best use of the time that had been allotted on the agenda to sharing with potentially new advisory council participants


  • Ways to connect with Advisory other than current email reminders prior to meetings
    • ACTION: members split up the existing list of Advisory council participants (each member took names) and will do phone call tree sharing/asking following questions:
      • share update of member process
      • check-in with Advisory Council member on their desired level of involvement
      • ask if they still wish to be on Advisory council
      • ask if they are interested in attending any Advisory council meetings
      • ask same question if these meetings are held on Saltspring
      • report back to members
  • Membership procedure
    • membership agreement signed, financial disclosure, etc etc see membership procedure
    • membership probationary period was discussed
    • once we have purchased land and are living in community, this period is to be three months living in community as Advisory Council - a proposal that needs ratifying at next meeting
    • informal process interim procedure - get to know Advisory Council members who are interested in full membership, establish level of commitment and continue to "get to know" one another, if mutually agreed the membership application can be offered to interested Advisory Council members
    • ACTION All members agreed to do their own membership applications in full by March 25 and will exchange them by Email for review by other members - note this is so that we are testing the process of the membership application ourselves prior to any others using this process
  • Recruiting
    • the wiki is working well, yet we need more connection to actual presence of all the Advisory council members, whether this is by virtual feedback and reading of meeting minutes and communication, or where possible meeting face to face with new (and not so new) Advisory council members
    • Saltspring island community involvement is desirable
      • we will do tangible involvement once we have a property, even if it is interim property and not the final island ecovillage building site
      • we will offer programs at General meetings such as:
        • show relevant films, such as the upcoming Escape from Suburbia in which Ecoreality members will be featured
        • workshops about stewardship and study items of relevance to building community and living sustainably
        • speakers, including some of our very own Advisory Council resource people
        • more ideas? please share them with us!
  • Wiki brainstorm for members: agreement to be on top of new changes on wiki in timely fashion, to email URLs to each other when changes of significance have been made, to use watch pages and recent changes page to keep in the loop
  • Next general meeting:
  • Facilitator: Jan
  • Meeting adjourned.

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