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Consensus Workshop Minutes, February 11, 2006

  • Agenda creation
    • Have the community decide on agenda items by consensus; honor time and item agreements have a section for future meeting items
    • I suggest creating a standard agenda to include all the team reports so nothing gets missed and just pass if it does not apply at that particular meeting
    • This then begins to create a system that anyone can follow
  • Display the card system and how it works at meeting - keep it visual and it supports staying on track
  • The card system
  • Discussion
    • Green - clarify information
    • Yellow - voice a concern
    • Red - the process is off topic
  • Decision
    • Green - I agree
    • Yellow - I can live with it
    • Red - I have another idea and considering everyone else I will take responsibility to find a better way
  • Once areas of responsibility are established have different teams meet between community meetings and then report in - it keeps meetings efficient and more attractive.
  • Remember Joy and Fun - Celebrate and acknowledge as progress is being made as this encourages amazing growth.
  • Create or use systems that support success and honor the people, the change and the aliveness of the project. Be willing to adjust systems to stay current to the progress that is being made.
  • Don't take people's processes personally - many times people just need to be heard or to hear themselves and then the energy can move. Humor and compassion for ourselves and each other ensures that the flow continues with ease and grace.
  • Have a plan for Exit as life changes and this again supports success of the project and the people involved.
  • Decide on a Corporation, for profit co-op, non-profit arm, or another model that suits the uniqueness of your community.
  • Check out Mondragon in Spain. A sustainable community. www.mondragon.net
  • Alan Carpenter is a great process support and one of his strengths is to work with the teams once they are established to create great results with ease and respect for each other.

His contact information is phone 604-888-2161 email alan@4naturals.biz

  • He lives at Windsong in Langley and works with many communities both for home and business
  • EcoReality Check In
    • James - 8 - Likes music, gatherings, community give and take Concern: How are we going to grow?
    • Shannon - 8 - Want to co-create an intentional community with James in BC.
    • Jan - 6 - Cycled across the US, want to move to Canadian Island Living
    • Carol - 9 - 8 brothers and sisters used to community, Master gardeners
    • Wendy - 7 - went travelling to find or create community Concern: attached to Pender Island
    • Colin - 8 - Parent would like some rest, share resources, closer housing and relationships Concern: Pender connection
    • Renee - 8 - Love to support people who are making a positive difference and increasing awareness
  • EcoReality Check Out
    • James - 10 - Lots of ideas. Acknowledge the group and our energy and everyone listens
    • Shannon - 9 - Uplifted. Appreciation and acknowledgement for all that we have done and love to everyone
    • Jan - 7-8 - Mac repair and prepare. Invitation to Renee to join Advisory Council
    • Carol - 10 - Doing good work and looking forward to tomorrow
    • Cedar - 10 - An inspiration to us all!
    • Colin - 9 - Good meeting and ideas for process. Validation for work we have done
    • Wendy - 9 - Good connection. Thank You
    • Renee - 9 - An amazing group and Success is Nowhere!
  • PS After the experience with you and your amazing community I attracted a gift from past clients and friends of a VW Jetta Diesel and two days later I discovered a Bio-Diesel station in Delta, a community neighbourhood next to mine. So thank you for your encouragement and inspiration to raise awareness about the Bio-Diesel options and the universe delivered all that made it possible to give me this gift of a car that is becoming a vegetarian as well.

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