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For guidelines on the editing of minutes, please see the page on the responsibilities of the recorder.

3 December 2005, Members' Meeting

Where: 2151 Maple St, Vancouver BC Canada

Present: Shannon Binns, James Cowan, Jan Steinman, Carol Wagner.

    • Agenda accepted
    • November 5 meeting minutes accepted
    • Nov 5 Action: Shannon to arrange consensus training. Incomplete
    • [x] ACTION: Shannon to arrange training 1st week Feb with Renee Minot or Tree Bressen. 778-883-6753 (Shannon Cowan)
    • [x] Nov 5 Action: Jan to make invitation email for new members. Complete (Jan Steinman)
    • DECISION Members all accepted the invitation email as created by Jan and shared Dec 3.
    • [x] ACTION Jan to make invitation email for Advisory as well <separate one> for approval by members. Special components of it to apply to existing Advisory to tell them about our member structure and our meetings to date. To invite them to the Wiki and to be part of meetings and training in the new year. (Jan Steinman)
    • [x] Nov 5 Action: Read Chaps 4&5 Template:Christian03. Complete (all)
    • Make a To do list (Jan started on Wiki)
      • [x] NEW ACTION: All to read and add to To do List; eventually could classify activities on this list in tabular format <Shannon> and acknowledge completed items separately. (all)
    • Colin and Wendi – to invite them into member conversations? Agreed that for now we would like to invite them to our meetings, but keep them in Advisory council role until they are able to attend and partake in process.
    • Finance and Ownership:
      • not private home ownership in our model – discussion of this
      • children/singles/couples discussion
      • [x] NEW ACTION: James to draft a document about Pets and Population with intention not enforcement towards population reduction and carrying capacity. (James Cowan)
    • Labour – distinguish labour for equity (shares) vs. labour for operations.
      • Proposal to begin logging our labour starting now – time spent and activity for EcoReality. Helps with time mangagement and to document work done and by whom.
      • [x] NEW ACTION: Carol to procure and teach us about software for logging hours. Can this be put on wiki for members only? Could be kept with Carol for now and we could email her our activities and hours spent. (Carol Wagner)
    • Separate investment coop no longer seen as useful (as per last meeting, see minutes). Financial disclosure exists for 4 (+2) members already.
    • Application procedure :
      • skills inventory (draft by Jan)
      • [x] NEW ACTION: Jan to place draft skills inventory document on WIKI (Jan Steinman)
        • All to read and edit wiki by placing a number beside each skill on the inventory as follows: (1) priority, (2) would be useful, (3) might be nice, and if is it left unranked this is considered not important for now.
    • resources inventory
      • All agreed on resources inventory in this meeting.
        • [x] NEW ACTION: Jan to put resources inventory on wiki and to add this purpose/cover letter in the application procdedure invitation package for new members: that it will be used for reference and will be checked annually. Also to include online address for Myers-Briggs. (Jan Steinman)
        • [x] NEW ACTION: current members all to complete the resources inventory by next meeting. (all)
    • Study Groups
      • [x] NEW ACTION: All members to add to study group page before it is disclosed to advisory and public. Someone <Shannon> to add a statement about how each person who creates a topic would do well to indicate whether they wish to lead the topic, or simply are a co-generator or interested in the topic. (all)
    • Stewardships
      • [x] NEW ACTION: All to create a list of their specialties and areas of stewardship in this organization they wish to take on. Shannon to create a spot on wiki for this new page. All to add to this by next meeting please. (all)
    • Values and Goals. Exercises for next meeting.
      • [x] NEW ACTION: All to complete #2 Values exercises <end Chap 5> before next meeting. (all)
      • [x] NEW ACTION: Carol to bring sticky notes and coloured dots for #4 to be done in the meeting. (Carol Wagner)
      • We all agreed to do 6,7 exercises at a later date.
  • NEXT MEMBERS' MEETING: Business meeting: Saturday Dec 31st 1pm 2151 Maple St Vancouver.
  • NEXT MEMBERS' MEETING: Brainstorming guidance docs: Sunday Jan 1st 1pm 2151 Maple St Vancouver.
  • NEXT ADVISORY MEETING: Monday Jan 2nd 1pm. Same location.
  • [x] NEW ACTION: Jan to include meeting dates in the letter of invitation to existing advisory council and any new possible members, to invite them to the advisory meeting. (Jan Steinman)

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