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Shannon, I didn't take very good notes -- can you elaborate and fill in with yours? -- User:Jan Steinman

5 november 2005 members meeting

Where: 181 King Edward Av, Vancouver, BC, Canada

Present: Shannon Binns, James Cowan, Jan Steinman, Carol Wagner

This meeting is the first members meeting. We did not follow a formal agenda but mostly brainstormed.

  • DECISION: The four of us decided to split the group into two sections: the members intended to be the initial members of a land-holding entity, and the Advisory Council, other interested parties who cannot make a firm financial and time commitment at this time.
  • DECISION The ecovillage location in order of priority will be: 1. Salt Spring Island, 2. Pender Island, 3. other South Gulf Islands, 4. Cowichan Valley
  • Consensus training
  • Financial discussion
    • members informally discussed resources available
    • investigate using an investment club coop to pool resources
  • values discussion
    • privacy vs openness
    • reviewed values from 1st meeting
    • reviewed values from jan jan's email
  • visioning
  • DECISION: name of group and wiki will be EcoReality.
  • next meeting Sat Dec 3 2pm, location tbd

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