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This a request, open for discussion. It has not been deliberated to consensus by the villagers. It will be agreed, modified, or tabled at the meeting of 20060708-1.

At the 5 March 2006 Advisory Council meeting (Shannon Binns, James Cowan, Greg Greene, Jan Steinman, Carol Wagner), we came up with the following criteria for selecting new members from among the information collected during the membership procedure. This is the raw transcription of flip-chart pages from our brainstorming session, and is by no means a finished product!

The first column ("must be") indicates a quality that is a requirement of a new member; the second column ("must not be") indicates a trait that is not desired of a new member; the third column ("diserable") indicates a skill that might be useful, or a trait or quality that may be positive or negative or that should require careful consideration.

These are not in any particular order, other than the order in which they were raised in the brainstorming session.

must be must not be desirable
fiscally responsible televangelist stable relationships
emotionally mature excessive drug/alcohol user communication/leadership/facilitation training
organized overbearing handy
positive domineering green thumb
effective/conscious communicator egotistical active listening skills
sharing arrogant specialty skills
generalist obsessive community experience
physically healthy controlling professional skills
spiritually healthy negative vulnerability
loves children pessimistic intuition
sense of humor fearful criminal transparency
shows spontaneous generousity ineffective listener
shows commitment reclusively
speaks & acts with integrity

In addition, we came up with a list of specialist skills that we felt we especially need:

  • medical practitioner/naturopath
  • midwife
  • eco-architect
  • poet
  • filmmaker
  • child educator
  • herbalist
  • naturalist
  • engineer
  • bureaucratic liaison
  • lawyer
  • farmer
  • mechanic
  • water technician
  • arborist
  • wood crafts-person
  • chef/cook
  • gardener
  • permaculture design practitioner
  • planner
  • conflict resolution specialist
  • counselor
  • massage therapist/energy healing modality
  • electrician
  • natural builder

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