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A wiki is very different than a bulletin board or blog or a plain old webpage.

Traditionally, you create web pages, then let people know they are there, or link them somewhere else. This declarative structure can be very organized, or it can result in a lot of dead pages that aren't easily reachable by search engines or casual browsers.

Wikis instead tend to have an interrogative structure, where a page or pages are written initially, then things within those pages that need further elaboration are linked to new pages. This "link first" way of working is often unfamiliar and uncomfortable, but it eventually can feel very natural. It tends to create rich, multi-linked structures that easily read in an abstract manner, yet are easily explored for details.

So generally, the "wiki way" is

  1. determine the need
    • for example, if there's a word or term on a page you don't understand (or think others don't understand)
  2. make a link
    1. edit the page that you want to put the link on
    2. put double-square brackets around a word or phrase, [[like this]]
    3. save the page
  3. follow the link to create the new page
    1. click on your new link ("like this") to go to the new page,
      ("like this" is just an example — please do not put text on this example page!)
    2. click on the "edit" tab
    3. enter your text
    4. save
  4. seek greater context
    1. use the "search" box on the left to find that term and similar terms on the entire website
    2. make those words link to your new page, as appropriate
      • for example, if you find a page that says "How do I make a new page?" you can simply make it look like "How do I [[make a new page]]?" to make it link to this page!

Now, you've not only created a new page, but you've given it context and meaning to at least one other page, enriching the entire web of pages.

While good writing to the best of your ability is always a good idea, please don't feel intimidated if writing is not your thing. This is a collaborative authoring environment, and others who are good at editing, formatting, spelling, grammar, etc. will hopefully come along behind you, especially if you invite them to.

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