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This is an interpretative work.

The information on this page is interpreted from EcoReality's official rules, as filed with our incorporation as a British Columbia Cooperative Association, or from agreements we have formally made by consensus among ourselves, as recorded in meeting minutes.

In case of a conflict, the official rules and/or meeting minutes take precedence.

Authors who provide interpretive works should include {{disclaimer}} at the top, and strive to include links to the appropriate rule or meeting minutes.

Want to help guide the future of EcoReality? Want to possibly live in our ecovillage?

EcoReality is seeking one or more partners to help take us to the next step!

If you've explored this site via the "entry points" on the left, you already know that EcoReality is a co-operative based on Permaculture, sustainable organic agriculture and sustainable farming, education, simplicity of life style, alternative, simple living and frugal self-sufficiency, featuring dynamic governance, consensus, and stewardship. We are planning (and doing!) natural building, co-housing, and sustainable food, medicinal herbs, and sustainable energy production. (If you know anything about search engines, you know why this weird paragraph is here.)

There are many levels of involvement, from least to most:

  1. You can add yourself to our email list, using the form to the left (or our mailing list management form), to be notified of events and happenings.
    • This is a low-volume list, and we try to keep it focused on EcoReality happenings. You may only get an occasional newsletter, or we may send out an occasional notice. You probably won't get something more than once a month.
    • You can remove yourself from this list at any time.
    • This is a good way to begin your involvement, so you'll learn more about other levels of involvement on a monthly basis.
  2. You can join our Advisory Council.
    • This is a group of people who have an interest in the ecovillage we are forming. Some of them intend to become members at some point; others are simply interested, and willingly give their time in advising us.
    • Joining the Advisory Council adds you to our email list (as above) and also gives you edit/add access to this website.
      • The website is the centre of our information management system, and all agreements and other important information is recorded here.
    • It costs nothing to join, and you can get off the Advisory Council at any time by asking.
    • This is a required level of involvement for those who are considering becoming full co-op members, and for those actually living on the site.
  3. Come for a brief visit.
    • We have potlucks, work parties, site tours, and other ways to come and meet many of the people involved in this project.
    • Check our meetings/events page to see what is scheduled.
    • If none of our planned events suit your schedule, please call or email to arrange a visit at a time of mutual convenience.
      • We have busy lives, and unscheduled drop-in visits outside of our public events are strongly discouraged!
  4. Come for a longer visit.
    • Generally, visits of up to two weeks can be arranged easily.
    • Visits of over two weeks are possible at our convenience and with the approval of all residents.
    • Please read and understand our welcome letter, which we request you sign upon arrival.
    • We suggest a modest voluntary contribution (as described in the welcome letter) to help offset the cost of having you here.
    • We may be able to arrange work-trade during your stay, but cannot guarantee it, especially if you arrive on short notice, at a time of your convenience.
      • If interested in work-trade, please see our volunteer FAQ for more information on work-trade, and fill out the application form linked to that page.
  5. Fund a small amount ($10 and up) in one of our "consumer" classes of shares, such as dairy, energy, or CSA.
  6. Fund a larger amount ($10,000 minimum) in Class A Investment Shares, possibly naming a specific capital project as a target for your funding. (This is how we built our greenhouse -- thanks, Brad & Jennifer!)
  7. Rent living space.
    • We prefer that those renting from us be prospective members (see below), but we understand that some may feel more comfortable living on-site before committing to the membership application procedure.
    • We also have room for people who have no intention of pursuing membership, if they have needed skills and considerable time available to work on EcoReality projects.
  8. Become a prospective member.
    • You will be included in all routine email and meetings.
    • You do not have "blocking rights" in our consensus agreement-making process.
    • (See our membership FAQ for answers to frequently asked questions about becoming a member.)
  9. Fund a significant amount into Class A Investment Shares to help free us from external debt, or to begin development of our planned habitation complex.
    • A full half-partner would have near seven figures to put into our vision. This would completely retire our debt, give us a modest fund for building additional habitation, and roughly equal the funding of the founders.
    • Opportunities certainly exist at lower levels of funding ($10,000 minimum), but you would be expected to contribute to expenses that are not covered by co-op income, primarily our mortgage, taxes, and insurance.
  10. Apply for membership.
    • This is an involved process, and is not undertaken lightly!
    • You are, in effect, asking to become a business partner. We ask for a lot of information, including full financial disclosure, that would not be asked (for example) if renting an apartment or even buying a house.
    • (See our membership FAQ for answers to frequently asked questions about becoming a member.)
  11. Become a resident member
    • Resident members are expected to fund an equal share for the equity in the land, and differing amounts to cover the equity in their dwelling. As of May 2013, our business plan calls for thirteen units of $150,000 each to cover land costs and common infrastructure, and at least $60,000 for the cost of common-wall dwellings, built using "zero-mile" natural building materials and practices.

If you can't see yourself taking part as an funder, we may have a place for you as a volunteer! Please see our volunteer FAQ for more information. Skilled volunteers who become invaluable may have an opportunity for long-term involvement via a "sweat equity" apprenticeship.

If you choose to join the Advisory Council by clicking on any of the join links on this page, you'll be taken to a form, where we'll ask for the following information:

  • first and last name (this will be your login)
  • organization you represent (if any)
  • your web site (if any)
  • your full mailing address
  • your day and evening phone numbers
  • a brief statement about your interests
  • how you heard of us
  • anything else you think might be of interest

All information except your name and website remain private within the Advisory Council. About once a month, we "introduce" new members to the group by broadcasting their interests.

Thanks for your interest in in our project!

Click here to join the Advisory Council!

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